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Our extensive range of acoustic guitars incorporates all the great, world renowned makes you'd associate with a beautiful acoustic sound. These being Martin, Rainsong, Maestro, Fender, Tanglewood, Faith and more. However, we also pride ourselves on supplying the best lesser known makes for you to purchase. We choose to stock these instruments on the simple basis that these are some of the most playable and best sounding instruments around, regardless of their global notoriority. These include Northwood, Yairi, Patrick James Eggle, Dave King and Luna. We also provide a wide array of great value, entry level instruments from Stagg and Westcoast, not to mention an assortment of travel guitars and resonators.

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Patrick James Eggle Dealer

Patrick James Eggle Dealer
  • Patrick-James Eggle Product
  • For Enquiries Please Call
  • 01524 410202
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Check Stock On 01524 410202
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RainSong UK Main Dealer

RainSong UK Main Dealer
  • For UK RainSong Enquiries
  • Please Call 01524 410202
Check Stock On 01524 410202
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