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About David Wood

David Wood is an award winning musician and businessman who has spent his entire working life in the music industry. Through over thirty-five years of experience and study, he has gained an in-depth knowledge and understanding of performing, recording, retailing, e-tailing, marketing, manufacturing, licensing, strategic planning, distribution, intellectual property, digital rights management, music law and finance.

David holds the post-nominal letters HonsFDip FRSA AmusLCM DipMusT after been awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the Independent Contemporary Music Awards in 1987; made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 2012; gained an associateship diploma in harmony, counterpoint, musical form and history of music from the London College of Music in 1987; and a diploma in music theory from the ICMA in 1987.

He was recipient of a National Operatic and Dramatic Association 'Musical Director of the Year' award in 1987; and has previously sat on the BBC local advisory council, the board of the education and music charity 'More Music' and judging panels for music competitions.

In 2002, David appeared in the 'Who's Who of Britain's Business Elite'; and in the past has been a music industry commentator for media and broadcasting organisations; panelist at music industry conferences; and guest speaker at higher education institutions [including his local Lancaster University Management School after one of his businesses won 'Lancaster City Council Business of the Year' in 1997].

He has had several life-changing mentors and influencers including the late Major Peter Parkes [ex musical director and conductor], the late Edmond Safra [ex banker and bank chairman], Keith Harris [ex musical instrument retailer], the late Tony Wilson [ex factory record label boss and hacienda nightclub owner], Doug D'Arcy [ex chrysalis record label president and co-founder of the Association of Independent Music], and the late Sir Denis Forman [ex granada tv chairman and royal covent garden opera house deputy chairman].
More info about David's mentors and influencers below

With a multipotentialite entrepreneurial approach to business, David has built a portfolio of interests in established companies, intellectual property [including brands, trademarks and copyrights], new seed funded start-ups and commercial property.

- He has shareholdings in Promenade Music Limited (100%), Faith & Hope Records Limited (30%) and through his private capital management portfolio Y1 has shareholdings in Berkshire Hathaway Inc, Sony Corporation, Apple Inc, CBS Corporation, Merlin Entertainments PLC, The Coca-Cola Company, Viacom Inc and profit interests in Skylab Audio (25%) and Baby Band (20%). 

- He is founder and CEO of the award winning music business Promenade Music Limited that owns the musical instrument and equipment retailer Promenade Music ["one of the largest and best stocked music shops in the North of England"] and the sales channels Big Discount Warehouse, Music4Worship and Educat. The company also operates various diversified divisions offering a range of complimentary music services including music tuition, instrument and equipment hire, piano restoration, repairs and service, PA installation and sound recording.

- He is co-founder and co-director of the British based independent record label and publishing company Faith & Hope Records Limited who have had a string of UK hits [including a #1] and released tracks featuring household name artistes including Mint Royale, Duffy, Lauren Laverne, Prince Buster and Pos from De La Soul. Faith & Hope signed tracks that have appeared on major Films [Vanilla Sky, Serendipity, Get Carter remake, etc], Adverts for World leading brands [Volkswagen, Hugo Boss, Kelloggs, etc], and TV shows around the World [The Inbetweeners (title music), Grey's Anatomy, Spaced, etc].

- He is the owner of Mendieta classical guitars, ResoVille resonator guitars, Paris woodwind, Westcoast guitars, Charles Howes & Son pianos and owns the UK trademarks for Beverley drums, Arena amplification, Levin guitars and Collard & Collard pianos. He is also the sole UK importer for the musical instrument manufacturers Content classical organs, RainSong guitars, GFI pedal steel guitars, Mullen pedal steel guitars, Krivo pick-ups and K Yairi guitars which are all sold in the UK through Promenade Music.  

- As well as his own businesses, he has held several external consultancy roles with third-party companies in respect of the management, strategy, exploitation, acquisition and divestment of intellectual property including content, royalties, patents and trademarks.
More info about David's business life below

David has been devoted to life long study through a love of formal and autodidact learning. He has had a relentless, virtually obsessive, work ethic and is passionate about the 'kaizen' philosophy and the effect continuous improvement has through marginal gains. He has immersed himself in five main areas of study throughout his life including... 

- Practical Music [playing, theory, harmony, arranging, performance technique]. 

- Recorded Music [recording techniques, recording equipment, editing, mixing, mastering, manufacturing]. 

- Law [contract, rights management, trademark, patents, competition, licencing, synchronization, revenue sharing mechanisms, supply chain agreements including dealer, agent, distribution and fiduciary].

- Economics and Finance [fundamental and financial statement analysis; corporate finance and the detection of financial wrongdoings including methods, traits, culture and risk probability; operational and financial structures including banking, money flows, cost of capital, floating exchange rates and capital structures; Investment Stratergies including value and contrarian investing; mergers, acquisitions and divestment]. 

- Retail and Branding [strategic sourcing, purchasing, merchandising, marketing, sales, customer service, health and safety, warehousing, branding, logistics, e-tailing, retail accounting, compliance, after-action review process, instrument design, the history of musical instrument manufacturers from circa 1900].

David's early professional life in music was diverse. He played his first "properly paid gig" at twelve years old and his first summer season at fourteen. For many years he ran his own band which played for some of the most extravagant private parties and corporate events both here in the UK and internationally. He went on to play somewhere in the region of four thousand live and theatre gigs in his career - both as a player and musical director - with a host of excellent musicians, singers and entertainers. His interest in recording began at the age of fourteen when he made cassettes to sell at gigs; went on to make extended play mix cassettes for DJ's at fifeteen and had his first commercially available 'cassette' at sixteen. He worked - as an assistant - in a professional recording studio at nineteen; but decided to move in to jingle writing at twenty which led him to set up his first recording business [St Aubyns Sound Recordings]. He enjoyed teaching private pupils and entered them for graded and diploma examinations [he had a 100% pass rate]; and he worked for a time as a freelance arranger, proof-reader and copyist for publishers. In his thirty's, he started a media and marketing recording business which went on to develop one of Europe's largest ringtone catalogues. He also launched a location and mobile recording business; and co-founded the Faith & Hope record label. In the mid 00's, he became involved in the potentiality of part of the soviet state radio output but the project came to an abrupt end in 2010.
More indepth info about David's earlier life in music below

David is incredibly proud of his children who are both musicans.

- His son [Harrison Wood] is an award wining bass player who was awarded the Royal Northern College of Music [aka RNCM] Yorke Trust Bass Prize, Junior RNCM Director's Prize and a Scholarship. As a student, he played in the National Youth Jazz Orchestra, Halle Youth Orchestra, RNCM Ensembles and the Conservatoires UK Big Band. Whilst in the Beats & Pieces Big Band, he won the European Young Artists Jazz Award, Best UK Newcomers in the Jazz FM Awards and Ensemble of the Year in the UK Parliamentary Jazz Awards. He now plays for west end shows and is a session player working in many of London's famous studios.

- His daughter [Jess Wood] is an award wining percussionist who appeared in the televised BBC Young Musician Percussion Final in 2014. Whilst studying at Junior RNCM for eight years; she played in the National Children's Orchestra and National Youth Wind Orchestra as principal percussionist. She won a scholarship to study for four years at the Royal College of Music [aka RCM] in London, and gained a 1st class BMus(hons) degree and was awarded the prestigious 2019 RCM Tagore Gold Medal. She won the 2019 Bell Music Award, played on a Hyperion Records recording, on the UK tour of Evita, the Best of the West End at the Royal Albert Hall and with the Royal Philharmonic and Philharmonia orchestras. Immediately after leaving RCM, she got her first percussion chair in the West End at the London Palladium.
More indepth info on David's musical family below


More info about David's mentors and influencers

Peter Parkes
... The late Major Peter Parkes was an Ex-Director of Music of the Royal Engineers; an Ex-Director of Music of the Grenadier Guards; and who is widely considered to be the most successful brass conductor of the postwar period after winning more than fifty major contests.

Edmond Safra
... The late Edmond J. Safra was one of the most accomplished bankers of the 20th century. He was the founder of Trade Development Bank; co-founder of Banco Safra S.A; co-founder of Hermitage Capital Management; Chairman of the private banking subsidiary Safra Republic Holdings S.A.; Founder and Honorary Chairman of both the Republic New York Corporation, and Republic National Bank of New York.

Doug D'Arcy
... Doug D'Arcy is an Ex Director of Chrysalis Group Ltd; Ex Managing Director of Chrysalis Records International; Ex President of Chrysalis Records International; Co-founder of the Association of Independent Music [Doug is also a fellow shareholder with David in Faith & Hope Records Ltd].

Keith Harris
... Keith Harris was the first General Manager of Promenade Music and worked for David for around twenty-five years.

Tony Wilson... The late Tony Wilson - aka Anthony H Wilson - was a Journalist, Broadcaster, Co-owner of Factory Records and Co-owner of the Hacienda nightclub.

Denis Forman
... The late Sir John Denis Forman was an Ex Chairman of Granada Television; Ex Director of the British Film Institute; Ex Deputy Chairman of the Royal Opera House; and Ex Council Member of the Royal Northern College of Music.

More info about David's Business Life

Promenade Music Ltd
... David is the co-founder and sole shareholder of the award winning music business Promenade Music that he established in 1989 at the age of twenty-three years old. Operating from fourteen thousand square feet of retail, tuition, office and warehousing space that David owns in Morecambe; Promenade Music offers musicians "one of the largest and best stocked music shops in the North of England". Promenade Music holds around one-million pounds [sterling] worth of stock from over one hundred of the World's leading iconic international music brands including Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Fender, Marshall, Kawai, PRS and Martin to name but a few. As well as the large manufacturers, the business also imports directly from many small boutique manufacturers from around the World. Although the backbone of Promenade Music's revenue is the sale of musical instruments and equipment through it's Morecambe shop; the business also sells on it's website and on third party platforms including Amazon and eBay. Promenade Music also offers it's forty-thousand plus customers a range of music related services including a music school, hire, rental, service, repair, installation and recording services; and the business exhibits at many UK music shows and advertises through specialist press, direct marketing, online and through social media. Promenade Music also supplies to specialist markets through it's Music 4 Worship, Big Discount Warehouse and Educat imprints. He has Financial Conduct Authority approval for Promenade Music Limited's CF8 apportionment and oversight controlled function responsibility and is the principal for both the FCA's regulatory processes system Connect and their regulatory reporting system Gabriel. 

Faith & Hope Records Ltd...
David is the co-founder and thirty percent shareholder in the British based record label and publishing company Faith & Hope Records which he established in 1997. Faith & Hope are one of the few UK independent record labels and publishing companies to have entered major licensing and/or joint venture deals with most major music companies - including Universal, EMI, BMG, Sony - which is a tribute to their visionary A&R and business skills. Faith & Hope have had a string of hits and key tracks including the UK Number 1 'Singin' In The Rain' #, Blue Song (Top 40) #, Don't Falter featuring Lauren Laverne (Top 20) #, Take It Easy (Top 75) #, Sexiest Man In Jamaica featuring Prince Buster (Top 20) # # # #, Tequilla [Mint Royale Mix] (Top 5)  # #, Little Words featuring Duffy #, The Stone Roses Elephant Stone (Mint Royale Remix) #, Something New featuring Duffy #, Wham! Bar featuring George Michael # and Show Me featuring Pos from De La Soul #. Faith & Hope have supplied music supervisors and professionals from the Worlds of film, television, advertising and games with music and their Film Credits include Vanilla Sky #, Serendipity #, Get Carter (2000 remake) #, Blind Dating #, New York Minute #, Kung Pow: Enter the Fist #, Van Wilder: Party Liaison #, Boy A # #, The Hot Chick #, A Time For Dancing #, Girls on Top #, Bedazzled (2000 remake) #. TV Credits include The Inbetweeners #, Grey's Anatomy, Chuck #, Alias #, Spaced #, The Priory #, Mighty Boosh #, Malcolm In The Middle #, Shameless #, Queer As Folk #, Hotel Babylon #, Buffy the Vampire Slayer #; and Ad Credits include World leading brands like Volkswagen #, Hugo Boss #, Kelloggs, AT&T, Honda, Mentos, Vodaphone, SKY, Jaguar, BBC Radio 1, Mars, Toyota, DFS, Nokia, and New York City #. Featured Artisits include Mint Royale # #, Duffy #, Lauren Laverne #, Pos from De La Soul #, Prince Buster #, Alpinestars #, Morning Runner #, Subaqwa #, DJ Dan & Grandadbob #, Los Paranoias #, Shirokuma #, Grand Transmitter #, Beats for Beginners #, National Forest #, Touriste #, Buen Chico #, Seerauber Jenny #, Fraction #, Budnubac #, L.C. Anderson vs. Psycho Radio #, U.R Penetrators #.

Trademark & Brand Owner
... David is the sole owner of the UK trademarks, Beverley drums and percussion (since 2000); Arena PA equipment (since 2001); Levin guitars (since 2001), Collard & Collard pianos (since 2003) and owns and opperates the brands Mendieta classical guitars, ResoVille resonator guitars, Paris Woodwind, Charles Howes & Son pianos and Westcoast guitars.

... David is the sole UK importer for Content Digital Classical Organs form Holland; RainSong Carbon Graphite Guitars from the USA, Marleaux Bass Guitars from Germany, Northwood Acoustic Guitars from Canada, GFI Pedal Steel Guitars from the USA, Mullen Pedal Steel Guitars from the USA, Krivo Pick-ups from the USA, K Yairi Guitars from Japan, KLOS Guitars from the USA. He is also a UK importer - but not solely - for ToneWoodAmp from the USA, Ohana Ukuleles from the USA, Deering Banjos from the USA, Eich Amplification from Germany, Maestro Acoustic Guitars from Singapore and Kandu Cajons from Israel.

Commercial Property
... David has mortgage free commercial property interests including retail and warehousing.

Interests & Shareholdings
... David has shareholdings in Promenade Music Limited (100%) and Faith & Hope Records Limited (30%). His private capital management portfolio includes shareholdings in Berkshire Hathaway Inc, Sony Corporation, Apple Inc, CBS Corporation, Merlin Entertainments PLC, The Coca-Cola Company and Viacom Inc. He also has a twenty-five percent profit interest in kemper profile business 'Skylab Audio' and a twenty-percent profit interest in the pre-school music class business 'Baby Band'.

... David has held several consultancy / advisory roles in respect of the management, strategy, exploitation, acquisition and divestment of intellectual property including content, royalties, patents and trademarks for amongst others, the mobile content company Monstermob Group PLC both pre and post flotation, the bank holding company Safra Republic Holdings S.A, and the asset management company Hermitage Capital Management who were once ranked the World’s best performing emerging markets fund.

More info about David's early life in music

Live & Theatre Work...
David played somewhere in the region of four thousand professional live and theatre gigs in his career. For many years he ran his own function band which played for some of the most extravagant private parties and corporate events both in the UK and abroad. He played orchestral, pop, jazz, cabaret and light entertainment gigs - some of which were broadcast - with a host of excellent musicians. He was lucky enough to work with some household name singers and entertainers; and worked in a diverse range of venues including halls, theatres, hotels, piers, festival stages, jazz clubs, working men's clubs, variety clubs, cabaret clubs and supper clubs. In 1977, David began performing weekly to the guests in the hotel his father managed when he was eleven years old. By the New Years Eve of 1978, he got his first "properly paid gig" earning £100 for the night supporting John Jeffries... and from there, he never looked back. In 1980, he played his first summer season and went on to play lots of summer seasons. He played and demonstrated at National shows for musical instrument manufacturers including Hammond, Yamaha and Technics; and worked in theatre pits both as a player - both on trombone and keyboards - and was a musical director for shows, musicals and pantos.  He worked for many executives, booking agents and corporate companies; and through one agent [Laurayne Colclough], he held a residency at one of Blackpool's largest and finest hotels for many years through it's various owners and name changes [Pembroke / Metropole / Stakis / Hilton]. Living so close to Blackpool and Manchester, he was booked for many events there including parties for the likes of Granada, the labour party conference, the conservative party conference, Blackpool illuminations swith-on, and the British open golf.

Recording & Studio Work...
David's interest in recording began in 1980 when he was fourteen years old. He started recording and making cassettes of himself playing to sell at his first summer season gigs; and to the guests in the hotel his father managed. In 1981, he started making extended play versions of seven-inch records for DJ's and the proceeds from this funded the new recording equipment he wanted to buy. With the encouragement and contacts of his local record store owner - Mike Hargreaves of Disco Music Centre - he made his first commercially sold cassette in the breakdance craze of 1982. Whilst studying at Manchester's SSR in 1985, he got a part-time job in a professional studio initially making tea and going to the from the studio suppliers for tape and essentials; but he quickly moved on to preparing sessions, setting up mics, writing cue sheets, tape-op'ing and cutting & splicing. He didn't stay working there for long [recording bands at the time weren't his interest] and in 1986 he began working as a jingle writer; creating adverts for agencies and broadcasters through his newly created 'St Aubyns Sound Recordings' that was eventually swallowed up by the Oysten family's Trans World Communications. In the 90's, he started a media and marketing recording business ['Four 0 Four'] which supplied voice-overs and sound beds; and developed one of Europe's largest Ringtone catalogues which were primarily sold Worlwide through UK based mobile content company 'Monstermob' which was run by David's friend Martin Higginson who quickly became known as 'Lord of the Ringtones'. In the 90's he also started the location recording business 'Digital Mobile Recordings' which was a fully transportable, state of the art digital recording system producing fully multi-mic'd, recorded, mixed and mastered recordings. In 1997 he co-founded Faith & Hope Records Ltd and now discovered he had to understand every aspect of the recording and record business from recording to manufacturing, distribution to licencing and all the legal and royalty collection aspects. In the mid 2000's, he became involved in the management of the catalogue analysis, audio restoration - and potential commercialisation and exploitation - of part of the output of the Soviet 'All-Union Radio' official network orchestra [Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra] that was recorded under Soviet state Gosteleradio. The project abruptly ended after the Russian wildfires in 2010.  

Other Work...
In the mid 1980's, David taught in private practice and his pupils had a one-hundred percent pass rate in graded examinations up to grade eight and in ALCM and DipMusP diploma examinations. David also worked as an arranger, proof-reader and copyist for independent music publishers and did a lot of work for one specialising in brass and wind bands. He also did lots of 'dots' / arrangements and transcriptions for club acts, artistes and bands.

More info about David's formal learning and autodidact Life

David has had a life-long love of both formal and self-learning. Born in 1966 in to a musical family [his mother and grandmother], he began private music lessons at the age of six; and by the age of ten was having weekly lessons in Theory with Sam B Wood, Trombone with Bill Ibbotson, Piano with Madame Patti Regina, Organ with Ronnie French, Bass Guitar with Dave Kellet and Singing with Susan Fielding. He played bass trombone in his local brass band, Lancashire schools ensembles, and occasionaly travelled to London to play in the National Youth Jazz Orchestra. He won music festivals as a boy soprano which led him to play the 'King' in Richard Rodney Bennett's children's opera 'All the King's men'. Whilst at secondary school, practicing instruments and experimenting with recording equipment totally consumed his life.

Music College...
After leaving school in the early 1980's, David studied Music in Huddersfield. He had bass trombone lessons with Les Storey; conducting and arranging lessons with Major Peter Parkes; brass band lessons with Philip McCann; jazz piano and harmony lessons with Phil Honnor; and singing lessons with Alan Jenkins.

Sound Recording...
After leaving Huddersfield, David went on to study sound engineering and music production in the mid 80's at Manchester's School of Sound Recording (aka SSR) which was the UK's first dedicated Audio Engineering School.

Musical Instrument Retailing...
In the early 90's - after opening Promenade Music at the age of 23 - David immersed himself in to studying the World of 'musical instrument retail' which includes purchasing, merchandising, marketing, sales, customer service, merchandising, health and safety, warehousing, logistics, e-tailing, retail accounting, compliance, instrument design and the history of musical instrument manufacturers.

In the mid 1990's, David studied Law in Lancaster; and particularly enjoyed contract law and how it applied to the music industry in respect of artist contracts, rights management, trademarks, competition law, licencing, synchronization, interpolation and samples. He is not a qualifed lawyer and did not do an 'Articles of Clerkship' aka a training contract nowadays.

Economics & Finance...
In the early 00's, David discovered an interest and love of economics and finance [through his involvement with Monstermob PLC] which led to his on-going interest in the principles and mechanics of value investing, contrarian investing, fundamental analysis, financial statement analysis and corporate finance.

David continues to enjoy studying a wide range of subjects through various online edX courses provided by both Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) via their massive open online courses (MOOC).

- Social Media ... Take a look at David's Twitter # ... Facebook # ...

- Musings
...David's musings about Importing Guitars # ... Martin Hannett # ...

More info abot David's musical family

David's Son - Harrison Wood
# is a leading UK professional musician [double bass and bass guitar], band leader and businessman. Born in 1991, Harrison started playing bass as a child and began playing professionally as a teenager. He is the former principal double bassist with the Halle Youth Orchestra #, National Youth Jazz Orchestra #, #, #, #, #, #,  and his previous teachers include Jiri Hudec, Bozo Paradzik, Leon Bosch, Thomas Martin, John Goldsby, Rachel Lucy Moore, Yi Xin Salvage, David Kellett and Eddie Waring.

Harrison studied at Manchester's Royal Northern College of Music aka RNCM # from 2006 to 2011, firstly as a Junior at Junior RNCM, where he was awarded the Director's Prize in 2009 and the Yorke Trust Prize for Double Bass in 2007 and 2009, and then at senior RNCM after accepting a scholarship to study there. Whilst at RNCM, Harrison was chosen to play in many RNCM college ensembles #, #, #, #, and was chosen to be the bassist for the Conservatoires UK Big Band #, # which is made up of the best players in the UK's music conservatoires.

In 2011, Harrison won the 15,000 euro Burghausen European Young Artists Jazz Award # with the Beats & Pieces Big Band and performed live on German TV #, #, #. He went on to headline London's Ronnie Scott's Club # - receiving 5* reviews in the Telegraph # and Guardian # newspapers - and played a series of international jazz festivals in London, Oslo, Paris #, Ireland and Germany #. Harrison and the band went on to become Best UK Newcomers at the 2013 Jazz FM Awards and Ensemble of the Year at the 2014 UK Parliamentary Jazz Awards. Harrison was contracted by the Japanese company Yamaha to play and present videos #, # about their silent stringed instruments in 2011.

Harrison has played with literally thousands of professional musicians over the years, including an eclectic mix of artists including Tony Hatch, Don Black, George Fenton, Larry Blank, Neil Claxton, John Reid, Russell Watson, Jonathan Ansell, Ben Forster, Lulu, Joe McElderry, Ray Quinn, Andy Prior, to name but a few. He has worked with many leading ensembles including the Syd Lawrence Orchestra, Glenn Miller Tribute Orchestra, New Squadronaires Orchestra, Burt Kaempfert Gala Concerts, Kings of Swing, Stephen Triffitt's Frank Sinatra; as well as British orchestras including The Halle, Royal Northern Sinfonia, Opera North, National Concert Orchestra and has led the bass section in orchestras at the Royal Albert Hall.

Harrison plays for London west end shows and has had the bass chair for 42nd Street, Annie, Top Hat, Elf The Musical, Mrs Henderson Presents and deputised on Wicked, The Lion King and Mary Poppins. He is a regular London session player, working in the likes of Abbey Road, Angel, Real World and Livingston studios, playing for many composers and producers including the film composer Hans Zimmer.

Harrison can be heard on the original London cast recordings of Mrs Henderson Presents # on Sony Classics, Elf the Musical # on Silver Screen; and played on albums including Cornershop's Hold On It's Easy # (Ample Play), Harpist Claire Jones This Love # (Silva Screen), Beats & Pieces Big Ideas # and All In # (Epfi), and The Sounds of Saga Cruises # (HAR Records). Harrison has been featured in two full page articles in the Bass Guitar Magazine. The November 2009 article was Bass To The Future # and the March 2016 article was Stage Lights # about his work in the London's west end shows and sessions.

Away from playing bass, Harrison is a well known fixer of musicians and since 2012, he has been the musical director for Creation Worldwide #, a leading supplier of entertainment to the cruise industry and corporate market. He is also the founder of his own entertainment business Hville Music # and has the most amazing function band called The Groove Membership # who have a great promo video #.

Away from music, Harrison spends time with his wife and son [Freddie, David's grandson]. Harrison has always enjoyed sport, and was an excellent footballer and golfer (which he still plays) whilst at school. Harrison now competes in 'Ironman' triathlon competitions, which are widely considered as one of the most difficult one-day sporting events in the World. These long distance triathlons attract an international line-up of athletes and consist of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26.22 mile run (a marathon) without a break break between them. Everyone who enters an Ironman is 'super fit'; and in July 2019, Harrison finished in the top 3% [41st overall out of an entrant of 1,612 competitors] in Bolton at the Ironman UK 2019 event with a time of 11 hrs, 1 minute. An amazing achievement when you consider the difficulty level of the Bolton course is described by 'Triathlon Review' as "Rock Hard".

David's Daughter - Jess Wood
is a percussionist, pianist and singer. Born in 1997, Jess began performing when she was very young, winning the under ten year old piano category in her local music festival at the age of seven years old. Whilst at primary school, Jess played piano in a jazz trio at the Music for Youth Proms at London's Royal Albert Hall.

Jess gained a place to study percussion and piano at Junior RNCM # at the Royal Northern College of Music # at the age of ten and went on to study and perform there for the next eight years, gaining an amazingly high 146 out of 150 # in her ABRSM Grade 8 percussion examination.

Jess is a past member of the National Children's Orchestra of Great Britain # and went on to become the principal percussionist with National Youth Wind Orchestra of Great Britain # in 2012 at the age of fifteen. In 2014, Jess won her way through to the BBC Young Musician Percussion Final # ; was a finalists in the Keldwyth Cumbrian Young Musicians Award in 2015; and was the recipient of the prestigious Bell Music Award in 2019.

Jess won a highly coveted scholarship in 2015 to study percussion at the World famous Royal College of Music # in London and has since been featured and quoted in the college's prospectus. Whilst at the Royal College of Music, Jess had many masterclasses with professional players including Mark Guiliana, Eliel Lazo and Rob Farrer. As a member of PERCM [RCM's Percussion Quartet], Jess performed alongside Marimba Soloist 'She e Wu' in London, Woking, Brighton and Manchester. Jess was Principal Percussionist for an orchestral project of 'Firebird'; timpanist for Tchaikovsky's 5th Symphony; placed in a project alongside the London Sinfonietta workshopping Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians and played on the Hyperion Records [independent British classical label] recording CDA68190 of Vaughan Williams’s work conducted by Martyn Brabbins.

Whilst at college, Jess had an active career out side of college, playing on the UK Tour of the musical 'Evita'; had the drum / percussion chair on 'Wizard of Oz' at Chester Storyhouse; played for 'The Best of the West End' at the Royal Albert Hall; played with the Royal Philharmonic; played with the Philharmonia and was involved in function bands.

Jess got a 1st class BMus(hons) degree from the RCM [watch from 39.45 at #] and was awarded their prestigious Tagore Gold Medal [watch from 50.10 #] for the female student who was judged to have made outstanding contributions musically and in other important ways to the life of the RCM. After leaving RCM in 2019, she immediately got her first percussion chair in the West End at the London Palladium for the production of 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' starring Jason Donovan and Sheridan Smith.

David's Girlfriend - Rachel Lucy Moore
is the British cello teacher and chamber music specialist Rachel Lucy Moore. David's known Rachel since they were both in their thirties. As a child, Rachel had the opportunity to learn several instruments (piano, violin, flute, oboe and percussion), but knew the cello was the instrument for her when she was young. Whilst living in America, Rachel had lessons with cellist Christine Livingstone # and after returning to England, she won a place to study cello at London's Royal College of Music Junior Department # at the age of thirteen and studied there for the next few years.

After leaving RCM, Rachel moved to Leeds to study cello with Anna Shuttleworth # and was the chosen soloist to perform the Lutoslawski Cello Concerto # for the re-opening of the renovated Great Hall of the University of Leeds #. After gaining her BA Hons at Leeds, Rachel went on to study for a post graduate degree at Manchester's Royal Northern College of Music #, studying cello with Margaret Moncrieff #, and double bass with Rodney Slatford #. Whilst at the RNCM, Rachel developed her love for teaching cello, chamber music, Dalcroze Eurhythmics # and Kodaly #.

After completing her postgrad studies at the age of twenty-two, Rachel was asked to stay on and teach at the RNCM, and still teaches there today. Rachel has a wealth of teaching experience, and as well as teaching at the RNCM on the award-winning RNCM Young Strings # and at Junior RNCM #; Rachel teaches cello privately; at the independent Bolton School #; Bryanston International Summer School #; Westmorland Youth Orchestra #, and is director of the WYO Training Strings. In the past, Rachel co-directed the LDSM Junior Strings Venture # and taught at Manchester's Chethams School of Music #.

Like David, Rachel also has a musical family. Rachel's mother is Miriam Morley # who has taught violin at the Royal College of Music for over thirty-five years; and played with the likes of the Monteverdi Orchestra, Northern Sinfonia, Manchester Camerata, English Sinfonia, several ballet seasons at the London Coliseum, and even played on an album by the rock band The Who. Her brother is Ben Moore - the BBC News senior broadcast journalist - who won a place to study french horn at the Royal College of Music junior department as a teenager went on to read music and politics at university. Rachel's aunt is the opera composer and music educator Margaret Lucy Wilkins #, who taught at St. Andrews University, University of Huddersfield, and was visiting professor at Queen's University Belfast.

David's Mother - Barbara Wood
... Pianist and singer.

David's Grandmother - Daisy Briggs
... Horn player.

David's Cousin - Allan Briggs
... Horn player.

David's Distant Relative - James Briggs
... Stringed instrument maker #.

Contact Details
David Wood
Address: 404 Marine Road East, Morecambe, Lancashire, LA4 5AR, England
Telephone: 01524 410202 ext 208 (If outside the UK, call 0044 1524 410202)
Email: [email protected]