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About Gary Thistlethwaite of Promenade Music

Gary Thistlethwaite started playing the clubs and pubs of the North West with his brother at the age of fourteen. Three years later their band 'White Line Fever' were one of the hottest new Country Rock bands in the UK and Gary balanced touring Europe with his day job at Comet where he had become a store manager. At 28 Gary decided to pack in the day job (a brave decision with three little girls) and moved to America. Gary gigged non-stop after getting a recording contract with CBS and went on to support many of the top American Country artists like Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. After three and a half years on the road Gary decided to bring the family back to the UK to work in a recording studio before joining Promenade Music in 1995. Gary still has the bug to play and is currently in the bands 24/7, The Fabulous Picasso Brothers and Blue Juice.

Contact Gary on 01524 410202 ext 212 or email him at [email protected]