Jim Dunlop Heil Talkbox (Original Design)

Jim Dunlop Heil Talkbox (Original Design)

The Original Talkbox Design
Oh - Ee -Ow - A - Ow - A - Ow - A

Key Points
  • Heil Talkbox
  • Unique and Famous Effect
  • Sturdy Metal Casing
  • 30% Off RRP!

Manufacturer: Jim Dunlop
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Jim Dunlop Heil Talkbox (Original Design)

The Original Talkbox Design

This unique and famous effect was popularized by Peter Frampton, Joe Walsh, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, and others. The sturdy metal casing houses a phenolic diaphragm speaker, powered by your amplifier's external speaker jack. (Place it in line with your external speaker, which can remain connected.) A 6-1/2 foot surgical tube carries the diaphragm speaker's sound to your mouth. The tube end is placed near a vocal mic. By shaping sounds with your mouth, you immediately achieve the "talking" guitar sounds that you've heard on so many hits.


1. Hook your guitar up to any pre-amp effects you desire (Crybaby, Fuzz Face, Distortion +, etc.)
2. Have the last item in your pre-amp effects go into the input of your Amp Head.
3. Connect a cable from the speaker out of your Amp Head to the input of the Talkbox. (Be sure to use a heavy-duty speaker cable, not a standard guitar cable.) Caution: The Talkbox is an 8-ohm speaker 100 watts max power or 50 watts RMS. Check the specifications on your amplifier to verify that it will not overpower the Talkbox.
4. Connect your 8-ohm speaker or speaker cabinet to the output of the Talkbox. The switch on the Talkbox toggles whether the Talkbox is on or the sound is passed unmodified through to the speaker connected to the output of the Talkbox.
5. Put the end of the clear tube of the Talkbox up alongside your microphone, so that the tube fits in your mouth, close to the microphone. Have your microphone set up as you normal would using another amp and speaker.

You are now ready to recreate the vintage sounds of the Talkbox! Practice moving your mouth and tongue to produce vowels and consonants while playing single notes on your guitar.


  • Power: Powered by your amplifier's external speaker jack

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