Magic Fluke M30 Flea Soprano Ukulele, Mahogany

Magic Fluke M30 Flea Soprano Ukulele, Mahogany

High quality at an affordable price.
Made in the USA

Key Points
  • Laminate Mahogany Top
  • Solid Walnut Neck
  • 14" Soprano Scale
  • Plastic Fingerboard

Manufacturer: Magic Fluke
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Magic Fluke M30 Flea Soprano Ukulele, Mahogany

High quality at an affordable price.

Flea Ukulele
Introduced in 2002, the Flea is another departure from the classic ukulele form. Created by Dale Webb, the Flea features the same hybrid design as the Fluke: a unique composite construction of wood and injection molded thermoplastic. The combination of wood soundboard and acoustically resonant thermoplastic body, gives this instrument an edge over the traditional standard ukes. It has a rich and bright sound, is comfortable to hold and stands up on its end as well.

Known for its easy play-ability with a full 14" soprano scale and generous string spacing - a favorite for seasoned players or a perfect first uke. Its durable construction and meticulous set up is ideal for class or travel.
Available in Soprano or Concert sizes. Solid maple or walnut neck; laminate birch, walnut or mahogany top; (koa tops subject to availability). Injection molded thermoplastic body; and polycarbonate or hardwood fretboard. All sizes can be ordered in a variety of colors and designs as well as with pickup options. Fleas come standard with Nyltech strings. Soft and hardshell cases available.
Over 26,000 made, proudly in the USA.

"The Magic Fluke Co. was started by Dale and Phyllis Webb in 1999 in the basement of our home in New Hartford Connecticut. I was inspired and encouraged by Phyllis’s brother Jim Beloff, an accomplished musician and guitarist who discovered the uke a few years earlier. Jim realized anyone interested in playing the uke back then had very little to choose from in the way of available music or instruments and in 1992, he incorporated as Flea Market Music and released the first of many music books and videos.

In the late nineties, I had the motivation to jump ship from the corporate world and decided to make an attempt at an affordable, USA-made ukulele. Armed with prototypes made with thermoformed parts from the kitchen oven, and a handful of Jim’s books and CDs, we committed to exhibit at The National Association of Music Merchants annual trade show in LA, January of 1999. The Magic Fluke Company was born and there was no looking back as orders started coming in and we had to tool up and start producing instruments.

The concert Fluke started shipping in June of 1999 with three color options. Over the years, we have added dozens of new colors and designs as well as the tenor scale and various pickup options. In 2003 the smaller bodied soprano Flea was born followed by the Fluke SB and Firefly banjo. A violin is currently in the works with plans to start shipping late in 2013. To date, we have built and shipped over 55,000 USA-made instruments.

After eight years manufacturing in an old renovated gas station in New Hartford we moved in 2011 to a larger solar powered facility here in Sheffield Massachusetts, where we are enjoying the lively music and arts vibe of the Berkshires and welcome visitors to our store and factory.

We have worked extremely hard over the years to keep this venture going and at times felt we were just trying to hang on as the industry exploded and the products took on a life of their own. Despite unrelenting competition from imports, we have stuck to our original premise of providing USA made, unique, affordable, quality instruments. We have always strived to source components and materials as close to home as possible including harvesting some of our own lumber. In keeping with the spirit of the Berkshires, we go out of our way to support our local businesses and community even if it’s not always the lowest cost solution."


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