Twenty Custom Collection

The Twenty Custom Collection is hand crafted for a vast variety of modern musical settings. The warm and rich "Full" models are developed for a wide range of musical applications – from R&B rooted music to Rock/Indie oriented genres the "Full" cymbals cover it all. Designed for higher volume spectrum, the forceful brilliant "Metal" division provides you with ultimate projection and power embedded in a warm overall sound. This series is customized for the sound of the future.
Since: 2011
Alloy: CuSn20, also known as "Traditional Bronze"
Applications: Soft to extremely loud settings • Live and recording • Soul, R'n'B, Pop, Indie-Pop, Country, Latin, Rock, Alternative, Hard Rock and Metal
Sound: Rich, warm, full, deep, bright and extremely forceful • Cymbals with a complex combination of modern and vintage character, yet with the projection, balance and consistent function and quality that is essential for almost all styles of music.

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