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Promenade Music operates a student 'Try Before You Buy' Rental Scheme for beginners (of any age) who want to try an instrument before committing themselves to purchasing it. The beauty of the Promenade Music rental scheme is that the hire fee is calculated against Promenade Music's discounted purchase price. Many other shops work hire prices against the higher manufacturers RRP (recommended retail price).

Our scheme allows the student to 'Try Before You Buy' and comprises of an initial three month hire period enabling the student to use the instrument for practice, lessons or indeed performance at a set amount. The hirer pays a set price for the instrument for the initial three month hire period.

At The End Of The Three Month Rental Period You Have Three Options
1. Own The Instrument
If you would like to own the instrument, you can deduct the hire amount already paid from the original discounted purchase price and pay us the balance so the instrument is yours.
2. Return The Instrument To Us
If you decide that the kind of instrument you have hired is not for you, simply return it to us in the same condition as at the commencement of the initial hire period (fair wear and tear expected).
You may then want to consider hiring another type of instrument under our hire scheme.
3. Re-Rent The Instrument
You can re-hire the instrument (as many times as you like) in three month periods at the same cost as the initial three month period.

If you re-rent the instrument and finally decide to own it, only one of the three month hire periods may be deducted from the original discounted price.

If the instrument has not been returned to us after seven days after the due back date, Promenade Music will renew the hire and take a further three months hire fee on credit / debit card.

Rental Plan Example
Clarinet or Flute Outfit, Normal RRP £319.00
Promenade Music's Discounted Price £219.00
Promenade Music's Hire Price For 3 Months, £60.00
Balance To Pay If Hirer Wants To Then Buy, £159.00

Call Promenade Music on 01524 410202 or visit the shop for more information.

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3 Month Flute Rental

3 Month Flute Rental
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3 Month Alto Saxophone Rental

3 Month Alto Saxophone Rental
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Student Rental Plan

Student Rental Plan
  • Student Rental Plan
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