A pre-amp is an extremely powerful way to expand your guitar's range of available sounds, and is often run through a power amp rather than through an amp head, and in some cases can be sent directly to the PA, or DI'ed for recording purposes. We stock a range of guitar pre-amps from Line6.

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Fishman Aura Sixteen Preamp

Fishman Aura Sixteen Preamp
  • Volume and Image controls
  • Image Downloading
  • Clip/low battery indicator
  • Mute footswitch, input trim
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Aura Image Gallery CD & USB cable included
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Boss AD10 Acoustic Preamp

Boss AD10 Acoustic Preamp
  • 4 Band EQ
  • Multi-Band Compressor
  • Anti-Feedback Functions
  • Onboard Effects
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Preamp/DI for Electro-Acoustic Guitar
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