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About Neill Thomson (aka Tommy) of Promenade Music

Neill Thomson (aka Tommy) joined Promenade Music in October 2014 having spent the previous 20 years welding and before that manual labour. Tired of moving job to job with various degrees of apathy he now has a job he is interested in and 'likes' going to. Learnt clarinet at school before being bought a tenor sax, got thrown out of biology regularly for tapping on the desk before his teacher organised a drum kit to bang on at lunchtimes. Tried to 'make it' with bands playing originals for many years with no success then succumbed to playing covers for pin(t) money. Played with Devious Soul Machine and Reservoir Ferrets along side Jim before most recently playing what he loves with PnUK plus Kendal based band Revamp and also sax with the Reggie Mental Band.

- Contact Tommy on 01524 410202 ext 369 or email him at [email protected]