Bergantino HDN410 Bass Cab

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Bergantino HDN410 Bass Cab

High quality USA-Made Bass Cab.
4 x 10" Bass Cabinet

Key Points
  • High Def. Neo Speaker
  • 4 x 10" Speaker
  • HDN Tweeter
  • Phase-Coherent Crossover


Bergantino HDN410 Bass Cab

High quality USA-Made Bass Cab.

Feel the bass – don’t carry it!

The quality of our bass cabinets is what put Bergantino Audio Systems on the map. The latest HDN (High Definition Neo) series of lightweight speaker cabinets is no exception.

With four custom Neodymium 10” drivers and a High Intelligibility Tweeter, the HDN-410 bass cabinet is the ideal solution for players who want a bigger setup that moves plenty of air. However, weighing in at just 54 lb/ 24.5kg you certainly don't need to break your back to move it!

Many people will tell you that the best tone and response can only come from a traditional and heavy Ceramic/Ferric equipped driver system. Neodymium based systems, although incredibly lightweight, can often be sterile and not as tight in the mid-range and bass frequencies. However, with our HDN range, Jim worked hard to retain the great Bergantino Audio sound and give players all the weight savings of Neodymium, but not at the expense of tone and performance.  Extremely high-quality internal components are solely of Bergantino design - no ‘off-the-shelf’ parts are used here.

The architecture of the HDN precision tuned cabinets and enclosures are built with the very best lightweight Italian poplar plywood (with Baltic birch baffle boards). This lightweight cabinet material, selected to our demanding specifications, helps to reduce the overall cabinet weight. The exterior of the speaker cabinets are finished in a durable bronco Tolex covering for long life and cabinet protection, while a rigid black grille is added to protect the drivers from damage - this minimises the coloration and tone reduction found with cloth speaker grilles.

Our custom-designed Neodymium magnet woofers (unique to Bergantino Audio Systems) have a punchy low-end response along with a very sweet and detailed midrange, the most important part of the audio spectrum in our opinion.

Fretless and upright players often love the tone of HDN cabinets because of how the midrange ‘speaks’ with their instruments, while players who want a heavier vibe also love the tight capabilities of the LF response, all in a cabinet that is so incredibly easy to carry.

For the HF, our all new designed high-intelligibility tweeter is mated to the woofers through a custom-designed phase-coherent crossover with a tweeter control.

The HDN series is designed to be mixed and matched to allow you to reach your own tone goals. Quite frankly these are the finest lightweight speaker cabinets on the market today.

• Superior, lightweight bass cabinet
• 4x custom 10” Neodymium Drivers
• High Intelligibility HDN Series Tweeter
• Custom Phase-Coherent Crossover with Tweeter Control
• Italian Poplar cabinet construction with Baltic Birch baffle and Black Bronco Tolex
• Power Handling: 800W RMS
• Cabinet Design: Ported
• Frequency Response: 44hZ – 12KhZ
• Sensitivity: 105db @ 2.83v / 1-meter
• Impedance: 4-ohms

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