American Deering Deering Eagle II 5 String Banjo With Hard Case

American Deering Deering Eagle II 5 String Banjo with Hard Case

Features the ground breaking patented Twenty Ten Tone Ring.
Deering Hardshell Case Included

Key Points
  • Maple Neck (Stained)
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • Violin Grade Maple Rim
  • Brass Tone Ring

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American Deering Deering Eagle II 5 String Banjo with Hard Case

Features the ground breaking patented Twenty Ten Tone Ring.

Deering Deering Eagle II™ 5-String Banjo


The Eagle II banjo represents the latest in tone ring innovation from the collaborative efforts of Greg Deering and Jens Kruger. It features the ground breaking patented Twenty Ten Tone Ring - a Deering original crafted unlike any other traditional tone ring. Made of brass and producing a tone with a very rich mid-range and good bass and treble response, the most unique feature of the Eagle II banjo is that it is suitable to both clawhammer and bluegrass, among other styles.

Rarely has there ever been a tone ring model that could claim this but customers who own the Eagle II have proclaimed its utmost versatility in this respect. Whether you are a professional or a dedicated banjo enthusiast, the Eagle II will help you soar to new heights!

Played by Winston Marshall of Mumford & Sons. (But don't let that put you off).

Banjo Specs


    Maple (Stained a Dark Red Mahogany)
    Natural Ebony Fingerboard
    Original Eagle Engraved Inlays
    Slender Deering Neck Shape
    22 Nickel-Silver Frets
    Fully Adjustable Two Way Truss Rod
    Deering Planetary Banjo Tuners
    Deering Geared 5th String Tuner
    Gloss Finish


    Deering Patent Pending Twenty-Ten Tone Ring
    11" Three-Ply Violin Grade Maple Rim
    Deering Brass Notched Tension Hoop
    11″ Frosted Top Medium Crown Head
    24 Round Hooks and ¼″ Hex Nuts
    24 Bracket Shoes
    Eagle 2-Piece Flange
    Slender Shaped Armrest
    Nickel Plated Hardware
    Deering True Tone Tailpiece
    5/8" Deering Smile Maple/Ebony Top Bridge


    Maple Stained Red Mahogany
    White Binding
    Straight Inside Sidewalls
    Gloss Finish

Deering Hardshell Case Included



A strong mid range tone with good bass and vibrant highs, that is versatile for playing both Clawhammer and Bluegrass styles of playing.


G,D,G,B,D in standard G tuning.
Can easily be tuned in other tunings as well.

    Comes with Deering Light Gauge Banjo Strings tuned to in standard G tuning (g,D,G,B,D)
    Gauges: 10, 11, 13, 21W, 10
    End Type: Loop


    Neck Width at the Nut 1 1/4″
    Scale Length Nut to Bridge 26 1/4″
    Resonator Diameter 13 7/8″
    Rim Diameter 11″
    Overall Instrument Length 38″
    Weight Approx. 10 lbs

Lifetime Warranty:

The trust and pride we share in our product gives us the confidence to grant every owner of a Deering banjo a Lifetime Warranty ensuring the quality of our materials and workmanship.


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