Krivo Nuevo Single Coil Pickup (Chrome) - For All Jazz Guitars

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Krivo Nuevo Single Coil Pickup (Chrome) - For All Jazz Guitars

Neodymium Powered Pickups
Nuevo Fits Both Oval Hole & D Hole Gypsy Jazz Guitars

Key Points
  • Handmade In The USA
  • Switchcraft Connectors
  • Chrome Finish
  • Very Responsive EQ


Krivo Nuevo Single Coil Pickup (Chrome) - For All Jazz Guitars

Neodymium Powered Pickups

Krivo Pickups are Neodymium Powered Pickups for Acoustic Instruments. Handmade in Portland, Oregon USA

Krivo Classic Nuevo Single-Coil Pickup for Gypsy Jazz Guitars

    “Marvelous pickups, not only wonderful for playing Gypsy jazz, but for any player looking for a good magnetic pickup for an acoustic guitar”—Acoustic Guitar Magazine, April 2016.

The newest 2017 Nuevo pickups feature attractive laser-cut logos

The Nuevo single-coil pickup is the Krivo pickup which is closest in sound to the traditional Stimer pickup popularized by Django Reinhardt during his late electric period. However, I have optimized magnet position and strength to eliminate the dreaded “hot-b string” problems evinced by the original Stimer-type pickups. On the classic Nuevo, an inlaid pearl dot allows for perfect placement to achieve proper alignment and string-to-string balance. Furthermore, the Nuevo is extra thin  (approximately 6mm thick!) and thus easily fits modern guitars with low action for which a Stimer-type pickup is untenable.

The Classic Nuevo fits both “Petit Bouche” (oval-hole) and “Grand Bouche” (D-hole) style Gypsy Jazz guitars!

Nuevo Single-Coil Specifications:

  •     Hand wound with vintage Formvar wire (not the cheap polynylon used by many modern makers).
  •     Wired with audiophile grade Mogami™cable inside and out.
  •     Genuine Switchcraft™ connectors.
  •     Real hardwood finish.
  •     Excellent alternative to traditional “Stimer” type pickups, no “hot ‘b’ string” issues like older brands.
  •     Inlaid mother of pearl dot marks position of ‘B’ string for perfect string balance (This pickup has great string balance, specialized for use with  Argentine type strings).
  •     Very responsive to EQ so a wide range of tonal colors are at your disposal, from bright and transparent to thick and colored.
  •     Works equally well with a tube amp or dedicated acoustic amps.
  •     Slimmer in profile than traditional models.
  •     Uses neodymium magnets for clarity and brilliance with strong lows.
  •     Innovative “Optimized Microphonics” design senses acoustic vibrations from the soundboard in addition to string vibrations.
  •     Mounts with included non-invasive, easily removable, finish friendly putty.
  •     No modification to instrument requires , mounts in seconds.
  •     Fully shielded for noise minimization.
  •     Excellent transparent acoustic tone.
  •     Terminates in a dedicated 1/4″ guitar plug, just plug right in to any amp and you are ready to play! No preamp needed.

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