Protection Racket "ALL NEW FOR 2018" Nutcases

Protection Racket "ALL NEW FOR 2018" Nutcases

11 Different Kit Options
11 Different Kit Options

Key Points
  • 600 Denier Polyester Outer
  • 20mm Inner Foam Core
  • 200 Denier Inner Lining
  • Egg Shaped Snare/Tom Cases

Manufacturer: Protection Racket
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Protection Racket "ALL NEW FOR 2018" Nutcases

11 Different Kit Options



Nutcases revamped for 2018



Nutcases revamped for 2018

They call themselves ‘Nutcases’ and for years they have roamed backstage, round studios, in pubs and many bedrooms looking for targets. They have encased, swathed and wrapped literally tens of thousands of drums, caring for them in the single largest ‘Protection Racket’ in recent years. Witnesses attest to the fact the drum world is still reeling from the impact these affordable cases have had, seriously reducing a drummer’s ability to abuse their kit!

Investigators now report that Protection Racket have totally revamped and updated their Nutcasesmaking them simply the best beginner to intermediate bags available in today’s market with the intention of taking control of organised drum protection worldwide.

The long running, undercover investigation has revealed that the all new Nutcases include features perfected in the Protection Racket Proline range making them super tough and light weight. Made of strong, abrasive resistant outer fabric which does not stretch or shrink, they are lined with a dense, light and highly impact resistant 20mm foam core. The interior is finished with a 210-denier nylon interior to resist rips and tears. The high-quality zippers used in the Nutcases all have brushed steel pulls and the ergo dynamic handles are comfortable and hardwearing. All the new cases sport the distinctive PR man silicone badge which is synonymous with quality and value for money. Plus, all the snare and tom Nutcases are egg shaped to allow for the snare mechanism and toms fitted with suspended / isolation mounting systems.

Drummers everywhere are being advised to keep a look out for the Nutcases’ which travel in five piece gangs. There are eleven sets of Nutcases, in the most popular kit configurations. Retail prices range from £165.00 - £214.00

Drummers are being warned these new Nutcases could significantly decrease their power to maltreat their drums!

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