Roli Lightpad Block M Super Sonic Surface

Roli Lightpad Block M Super Sonic Surface

next-generation Lightpad Block features a Redesigned surface that offers an even more tactile, responsive, & precise playing experience.
Fits in the palm of your hand

Key Points
  • 225 microkeywaves
  • Bluetooth to Device
  • Suite of software
  • Wireless and portable

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Roli Lightpad Block M Super Sonic Surface

next-generation Lightpad Block features a Redesigned surface that offers an even more tactile, responsive, & precise playing experience.


Lightpad Block M
Super Sonic Surface

Reach for the ultimate music-making surface that fits in the palm of your hand. The next-generation Lightpad Block features a redesigned surface that offers an even more tactile, responsive, and precise playing experience.

Super sonic and easy to pick up

  •     lightpad-M
  •     The newest, most advanced Lightpad Block
  •     01 Icon 5DTouch
  •     Deeper, softer surface topped with 225 microkeywaves
  •     09 Icon Grids
  •     50% brighter surface illumination from high-definition LEDs
  •     04 Icon SoundsSpeaker
  •     200+ free sounds
  •     15 Icon SoftwareLaptop
  •     Suite of music making software for desktop and mobile
  •     05 Icon WirelessPortable
  •     Wireless and portable for making music on the go
  •     12 Icon PairWithBlocks
  •     Connects to other Blocks

Play a song, all on one surface

On one dynamic surface you can play beats, basslines, chords, and melodies — and tie them all together to make amazingly multi-layered songs.

Every movement is musical

On Lightpad M’s tactile surface, you shape sounds and make music with Five Dimensions of Touch (5D Touch). Expression is right at your fingertips, so you can bring any musical idea to life.

Touch even deeper musical textures

The redesigned interface of the Lightpad M builds on the touch-responsive powers of the original Lightpad Block. Lightpad M’s surface is deeper, softer, and defined by undulating microkeywaves — for an even more precise playing experience.

Enhanced tactile feedback
Based on the wave-like surface of ROLI's Seaboard instruments, the 225 microkeywaves of the Lightpad M add more tactile feedback, so you can interact with the surface in a deeper way and gauge each movement more precisely. A thicker, softer silicone layer enhances pressure-responsiveness.

Enhanced visual feedback
The surface of the Lightpad M is 50% brighter than the original Lightpad Block. It features higher-definition colors and a higher contrast display, so you can move more quickly between notes, instruments, and scales.

Explore a universe of sounds — it’s growing all the time

Lightpad M comes with hundreds of sounds from funky synths to string sections to drums. They’re all custom-made for 5D Touch. Expand your collection by purchasing soundpacks from cutting-edge sound designers and world-famous artists like Grimes, RZA, and Steve Aoki. The universe keeps growing, with new soundpacks arriving every month.

SWAM Saxophones by Audio Modeling

Lay down blazing funk solos or mellow jazz vibes with the extraordinarily expressive sounds of SWAM Saxophones. Get riffing on a selection of realistic alto, baritone, soprano and tenor sax instruments, all from the masters at Audio Modelling.

An expanded suite of software for any music maker

Lightpad M comes with an expanded suite of high-powered music production programs. There’s something for everyone — from beginners to pros.

Start making music with NOISE, an app that includes 100+ sounds. It works wirelessly with Lightpad M, so you can play anywhere you have a connected device. iOS and Google Pixel only.

BLOCKS works with programs including:




Native Instruments





    Logic Pro



Cycling '74




Start learning with ROLI PLAY

ROLI PLAY is a custom-made companion app that helps you get started with your Lightpad Block. Learn how musical touch works on the Lightpad's surface and start making songs. Your first few hours with a Lightpad can be a musical headrush, and this free app is there to hold your hand.

Expand your music studio

Lightpad M is one piece of an award-winning music creation system: BLOCKS. Connect to a Seaboard Block, Live Block, Loop Block, Touch Block — or more Lightpad Blocks including the Lightpad M. All Blocks snap together and work together wirelessly. Mix and match, and build your instrument as you grow!


    Lightpad Block.
    11 NOISE Soundpacks.
    Ableton Live Lite.
    Equator Player.
    Strobe2 Player.

    Tracktion Waveform 8.
    BLOCKS Dashboard.
    Max MSP License (Three Months).
    USB-C to USB-A Cable.
    Quick Start Guide.
    One Year Full Warranty.

Tech Specs
Dimensions and Weight

Width: 94mm (3.7 inches).
Height: 21.8mm (0.86 inches).
Depth: 94mm (3.7 inches).
Weight: 260g (0.57 pounds).
Connectivity / Ports

USB-C port (MIDI out and power).
Full MIDI compatibility over USB and Bluetooth LE.
8 DNA connectors.

4 hour battery life.
2 hour charge time.

15 meter Bluetooth range.
System Requirements

iPhone 6, 6 Plus or newer. iPad air or newer. iOS 9.0 or above. Google Pixel or Pixel 2. Mac OSX 10.10+ / Windows 7 / Windows 10.

Important Note
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