Sabian SBR Performance Set Plus W/FREE 10" Splash

Sabian SBR Performance Set Plus w/FREE 10" Splash

Sabian Sbr Performance Set Plus w/FREE 10" Splash SBR5003G
Handmade in Canada since 1981

Key Points
  • Sbr Series Box Set
  • 14" HH 16" Crash 20" Ride
  • FREE 10" Splash
  • Natural Finish

Manufacturer: Sabian
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Sabian SBR Performance Set Plus w/FREE 10" Splash

Sabian Sbr Performance Set Plus w/FREE 10" Splash SBR5003G

Sabian SBR Promo Cymbal Set With Free 10" Splash Overview

Everything you need for a complete cymbal sound. The Sabian SBR Promo Cymbal Set includes a 10'' Splash, 14'' Hi-Hat, 16'' Crash and a 20'' Ride. With an extremely affordable price-tag, the Sabian SBR Promo Cymbal Set features four cymbals, each with hammered and lathed surfaces which produce tightly focused sounds of pure brass. The SBR cymbals are influenced by Sabians award-winning Evolution and X-Plosion Series which helps replicate the high-quality look and sound at a low cost. This cymbal set is perfect for a beginner-intermediate drummer looking for a full cymbal set up at low cost.


Full Description

Sabian SBR Series

The SBR cymbals receive hand-guided hammering, using a peen that has been hand-shaped specifically for brass. Once complete, they are tested for their sound and appearance before receiving a Sabian stamp of approval. The hand-guided hammering is used to add musicality and complexity alongside producing a bright tone.



Brass construction

The Sabian SBR Cymbals are made of brass which gives them a slightly muffled sound compared to bronze alloys. Thanks to the small designs, the SBR cymbals can quickly punch in and quickly disappear, exactly how a splash should be. If you are looking for a range of cymbal with a fast, punchy and splashy accent response, the Sabian SBR Series is perfect.



SBR 10'' Splash

Sabian SBR 10'' Splash Cymbal features a small design with an extra thin weight, providing a quick response and decay, making it perfect for adding a change in dynamics with one of your songs. Additionally, this makes it a lot easier to play, as you do not need as much power to create the same sound, making it ideal for beginners. Thin weight provides a fast, punchy tone that cuts through your mix with a high attack.



SBR 14'' Hi-Hat

The Sabian SBR 14'' Hi-Hats are designed to make playing easy and enjoyable thanks to their brass construction. The Sabian SBR 14'' Hi-Hats feature a hammered and lathed surface with tightly focused sounds of pure brass. These cymbals are ideal as a first step into the cymbal world at an affordable price, the looks and sounds of these Hi-Hats put them in a class of their own. The Sabian SBR 14'' Hi-Hats are high-quality, brass-made hi-hats that produce tight, clean sounds when closed, and loud, sustained tones when open. The SBR Hi-Hats delivers a tight, focused and bright sound, making them ideal for beginners.



SBR 16'' Crash Cymbal

Made from brass, the Sabian SBR 16'' Crash Cymbal sets the bar for all other cymbals in terms of look and sound. Featuring a thin weight and bright sound, the SBR Crash is quick to react, delivering a loud and punchy sound for accenting. The thin design also means it is easier to play as it doesn't require as much power compared to heavier crash cymbals, this makes the Sabian SBR Crash Cymbal perfect if you are a beginner who is still finding your feet with the drums.



SBR 20'' Ride Cymbal

The Sabian SBR 20'' Ride Cymbal is a perfect cymbal for a beginner, providing you with a cymbal that is durable, versatile and has a great tone that is ideal for any style or genre. The SBR Ride features a brass construction, which helps to deliver a strong and clean stick definition, so you can hear every hit. Featuring a bright bell, the Sabian SBR 20'' Ride Cymbal delivers a clean and bright bell sound that allows you to produce a range of tones. With its 20'' size, the Sabian SBR Ride produces a full and long ride tone.



About Sabian

From modern to vintage, Sabian cymbals are used in almost every musical genre, by some of the biggest names in drumming. Sabian are always the first choice for leading drummers such as Chad Smith, Mike Portnoy, Dave Weckl, Neil Pert and many more. Sabian strive to create cymbals and sounds that are right for you and what you do. Popular cymbals such as the B8 cymbal series are the world leading series for quality bronze cymbals at a very accessible price, offering bronze quality design, tight and bright sound.



What's Included?

  • Free SBR 10'' splash
  • SBR 14'' hats
  • SBR 16'' crash
  • SBR 20'' ride




  • Style: Focused
  • Metal: Brass
  • Finish: Natural

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