Sandberg California TM5, 5-String Bass, High Gloss Natural Swamp Ash Finish

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Sandberg California TM5, 5-String Bass, High Gloss Natural Swamp Ash Finish

Versatile tones from classic to modern.
2 Band Passive/Active Preamp

Key Points
  • Swamp Ash Body
  • Hardrock Maple Neck
  • Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Delano Pickups


Sandberg California TM5, 5-String Bass, High Gloss Natural Swamp Ash Finish

Versatile tones from classic to modern.

Sandberg California TM5, 5-String Electric Bass Guitar, High Gloss Natural Swamp Ash Finish, Rosewood Fretboard

Ever since the company's conception in 1986, Sandberg has been a by-word for quality and class. Now, more than thirty years later, that continues to be the case with them going from strength to strength in the construction of high-quality, hand-crafted, customisable guitars and bass guitars. Whether it's their most affordable model, or a 100% custom build, you just know that the instrument will be worth every penny you pay for it and more.


  • Natural High Gloss Finish
  • Swamp Ash Body
  • Rosewood Fingerboard
  • White Block Inlays
  • Black Hardware
  • 2 BAND EQ

Highly Versatile, Tonally Exquisite

The offset waisted body of the California TM5 is instantly recognisable to bass players the world over, being an homage to arguably the most popular bass guitar in modern history: the Jazz Bass. However, whilst being shaped the same as its famous counterpart, the 5-string variant California TM5 differs in many respects.

For a start there's the pickups, where we have here a Single Coil & Humbucker combination, instead of the standard two single coils. Both pickups also noticeably have much wider poles than a standard pickup, meaning that all of the string movements are captured and no vibrations or frequencies are lost.

Did I mention that the humbucker was also on a split coil circuit, meaning it can be utilised as a second single coil pickup at the flick of a switch?

You also have the specially designed Sandberg hardware to contend with, an incredible 2-band preamp system, a swamp ash body with a high gloss natural finish... I could go on forever, but first let's have a look at those pickups.

Delano Pickups

    The T series neck single coil is a faithful reconstruction of the classic Jazz Bass pickups from the 1960's and 1970's, and grants you a nice blend of woody low-mid growls with a warm articulate midrange, as well as that trademark funky "twang" that the pickups became famous for.
    Then there's the awesome M series bridge humbucker. This humbucker is based heavily around the popular Stingray style humbucker pickup, with a very wide string sensing area to pick up as much tonal colour as possible. This gives you a fat and grinding tone when in humbucker mode, but at the flick of a switch can be converted into a bright and clear sounding single-coil instead. With a warm bass and low-mid response, and extra voice on the mids and bright percussive top end, this pickup is as versatile as you could want or need it to be.

Sandberg 2-band Preamp

The preamp circuitry on the California TM5 is simply perfect for the modern bassplayer. What initially looks like a standard setup has a clever little surprise in store, in the shape of a push/pull Volume control knob that allows you to set the preamp to Active or Passive.

Next to the Volume control you have the Balance control, which acts as a nice pickup selector "Blend" option, where you can determine the level of each pickup in the mix (centre position has both pickups running at 100%, or turn the control in the direction of the pickup you want to be at the forefront to make it so).

The Treble control allows you to either boost the Treble or cut the tone, which works even in passive mode! And finally there's the Bass control, which works in the same way as the Treble control (without the passive cut) but for your low-end frequencies. Exciting stuff!

That 5th String

With versatility being the key factor of choice for most modern-day bassists, the addition of an extra string adds a whole new layer of desire to an instrument. The extra string - a Low B, tuned a 4th lower than the E string - adds an extra dimension to your playing and allows you to easily reach notes that you'd otherwise have to downtune to access.

The curvature of this relatively lightweight body rests comfortably against you as you play, making even the longest of shows and studio sessions pass by that bit quicker. Add that to the perfect sounding tonal spectrum supplied by the solid wood body and awesome electronics system, and you will fast be running out of reasons NOT to buy it.

Sandberg bass guitars are renowned the world over for being high-quality and extremely versatile, and the California TM5 is just one of many prime examples that this reputation is well deserved. With the ergonomic and solidly constructed chassis, this guitar is most certainly one that you could grace a stage with.

Treat yourself to this awesome bass guitar today - you won't regret it!

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