Xvive In-Ear Monitor Wireless System (XU4)

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Xvive In-Ear Monitor Wireless System (XU4)

Headphones not included
Easy to carry, easy to set up, plug in and turn on

Key Points
  • Wireless In-Ear Monitor
  • 1 Transmitter
  • 1 Receiver
  • 90 Feet Range


Xvive In-Ear Monitor Wireless System (XU4)

Headphones not included

Xvive In-Ear Monitor Wireless System






Easy to carry, easy to set up, plug in and turn on the power to build your wireless In-ear monitor system.

• 2.4Ghz wireless in-ear monitor system

• Includes 1 transmitter and 1 receiver

• Send audio wirelessly to performers on stage

• 90 feet range

• XLR_Male input

• Slim, lightweight bodypack attaches easily to a belt or guitar strap

• Less than 5ms latency, simultaneuous broadcasts on 6 channels

• Provides clear detailed audio at any volume

• Plug and play, focus on the performance

• All metal receiver

• 5 hours battery life (rechargeable battery for both transmitter & receiver

• Headphones not included



Use with mixers or other professional audio devices that send line-level signals.



Use when connecting consumer audio devices such as portable audio players or computers.



Provides smooth frequency response with any headphones.



Input the Transmitter with the 1/4_ts conversion into the mixing Aux channel, set transmitter to aux mode.

Or input Transmitter into the mixing XLR main output, for band playing, silent rehearsal etc.. set transmitter to Line mode.



Use one transmitter to send signal to Multiple Receivers - creates monitoring for the entire band. Send the signal from one transmitter to as many receivers as needed simultaneously. Simply set as many receivers as needed to the same channel as the transmitter. OR - In situations where multiple _mixes_ are needed on stage, each unit has 6 select-able channels for creating up to 6 individual discrete mixes. If you use more than one transmitter, The receiver can switch between different sound sources by simply changing the channel selector.

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