K. Yairi YCT8 Handmade Japanese Classical With Torres Bracing In Natural

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K. Yairi YCT8 Handmade Japanese Classical With Torres Bracing in Natural

50mm Nut width
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Key Points
  • Solid Cedar Top
  • Rosewood Back & Sides
  • Mahogany Neck
  • Ebony Fingerboard


K. Yairi YCT8 Handmade Japanese Classical With Torres Bracing in Natural

50mm Nut width


A brief description:

  • Nylon Series YCT-8
  • TOP Solid Cedar
  • BACK/SIDE Rosewood
  • NECK Mahogany
  • BRIDGE Rosewood
  • Nut width (mm) 50
  • String length (cm) 65
  • Length (cm) 98.5
  • Width (cm) 36

Every “K.Yairi” guitar is given birth in Kani, a small community in the beautiful mountainside area of Honshu, Japan.
In a tryly unique, larger workshop-like guitar factory there, “K.Yairi” guitars are made under the strict supervision of Mr.Kazuo Yairi, owner of the “K.Yairi” guitar company. The factory is staffed with carefully chosen master craftsmen, many of whom have worked there for years on.

Their skills, the calm atmosphere of the surroundings, and Mr.Yairi’s attention to making the best guitars possible, are all reflected in each and every individual instrument. Mr.Yairi learned the tricks of the trade in making violins and guitars from his father,who gained international recognition for making fine instruments.

“K.Yairi” guitars in todays market represents four, for their competitors,envious main qualities :

  •     Outstanding sound
  •     craftmanship
  •     visual appeal
  •     and a price-target that make these beautiful instruments a real value-for-money winner !

From Yairi's website:

From an early age Kazuo earned himself a reputation as a talented luthier, following in his fathers footsteps. Well over 30 years ago he started what is now the “K.Yairi” guitar company,main products of the line being fine handmade classic and steel-string acoustic guitars.

As you will experience trying out these instruments, there are no compromises in the making of “K.Yairi” guitars.
Each and every one reflect the pride, skill, craftmanship, and devotion to the task, beheld by the people making them.

All “K. Yairi” guitars are handmade as they come, often by one man on his own, which is complete news related to the price tag.

There is no doubt that Kazuo Yairi and his employees represent the most outstanding in guitar construction in todays Japan.

While the “K.Yairi” factory does not resent modern tooling and innovative groundbreaking thinking,it is about as far from a modern mass production high-tec computerized guitar plant as you can get.

It is evident that a pro quality acoustic guitar is no stringed cigar-box. Not only does it take exceptional skill and care to make a great guitar,
it also demands you have access to the best materials for construction. One basic resource being having the right and proper wood,
in the right quantities, and at the right time.

Kazuo Yairi soon realized he had to look far ahead to solve this puzzle. This taking into account, that acousticguitars are made out of wood,
an organic material. From the moment the tree is cut, till it can be used fortonewood, most usually is a span of several years.
The consequence of this is that presently the “K.Yairi” factory holds one of the largest stocks of guitartonewood in the world !

Mr.Yairi has painstakingly been planning ahead to establish relevant inventory of relevant tonewoods.The “K.Yairi” factory imports
tone-wood from all over the world; Canada, Africa, India a.o. As many as ten different species of wood may be used in the construction of one guitar. Mr. Yairi purchases most woods in full logs, having been so smart as to install his own in-house sawmill.Here the logs are processed and cut up, inspected and quality graded, and then stacked for seasoning. Addressing the issue of raw material this way, not only saves significantly on material cost, but also assures that supply of properly cured wood for production is never short. Only after years of curing will any wood be utilized for guitar construction.Finally upon Mr.Yairi’s scrutinizing judgement, wood will be approved for production.
Then the tedious hand work starts – cutting, shaping and sanding to make the perfect joints and fits.The unusual care taken in selecting and preparing tone-wood is one of the reasons that “K.Yairi” guitars make such an astounding impact, better than great sounding and good lookin’!

“K.Yairi” guitars unites the best of proven traditional construction methods, and an open minded attitude to new ideas and modern concepts.
The balanced positive spirit, and attentive focus on quality in all respects, executed by the mastermind of Kazuo Yairi, is reflected in these genuine instruments, that despite their unrivalled quality, are still within the reach of most serious players today.

We are grateful to the one and only ‘great K’, for having shown that skill, knowledge, patience, will and courage can actually make a better choice for everyone. Thank you!

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