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Promenade Music's owner, David Wood, is also the co-founder and director of Faith & Hope Records LTD with long-time friend and music producer Neil Claxton.
Faith & Hope Records' Music Synchronisation Arm
Please visit:

Faith & Hope has developed a music synchronisation business called 'Areebo'; an online service which enables professionals from the worlds of film, television, advertising and games to search for and license high quality independent music for use on synchronisation. Areebo operates close working relationships with master and publishing rights holders, enabling quick clearances and a personal service.

Music supervisors, advertising professionals and other content producers often know the type of track they are looking for, Areebo allows them to enter specific search criteria which will yield tracks with the characteristics they have entered. The website uses an easy to use search engine which enables users to source music appropriate to their production needs. The service differs from other such competitors by offering independent artists (both established and emerging) on a simple to use platform, enabling content producers to have a one-stop source.

As a business team, David Wood and Neil Claxton have had great success and invaluable experience supplying and licensing music to the media sector for synchronisation including:

Film Credits
'Vanilla Sky' (starring Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz) ... 'Serendipity' (starring John Cusack & Kate Beckinsale) ... 'Get Carter' (starring Sylvester Stallone & Miranda Richardson) ... 'The Hot Chick' (starring Rob Schneider & Anna Faris) ... 'Bad Company' (starring Sir Anthony Hopkins & Chris Rock) ... 'National Lampoon's Van Wilder' (starring Ryan Reynolds & Tara Reid) ... 'Kung Pow! Enter The Fist' (Theme Tune) ... 'Boy A' (2008 BAFTA Award Winner) ... 'Oceans 13' (Brad Pitt & George Clooney) ... 'Uptown Girls' (starring Brittany Murphy & Dakota Fanning) ... 'New York Minute' (starring Ashley Olsen & Mary-Kate Olsen) ... 'Head Over Heels' (starring Monica Potter & Freddie Prinze Jr) ... 'A Time for Dancing' (starring Larisa Oleynik & Peter Coyote) ... 'Fast Food' (starring Douglas Henshall & Emily Woof) ... plus more.

Television Credits
'Grey's Anatomy'  ... 'Chuck' ... 'Alias' ... 'Spaced'  ... 'The Priory' (Theme Tune) ... 'Mighty Boosh' ... 'Malcolm In The Middle' ...  'Shameless' ... 'Queer As Folk' ... 'Hotel Babylon' plus more

Advertising Credits
'Volkswagen' (Singin' In The Rain, The UK #1 Single) ... 'Hugo Boss' ... 'Kelloggs' ... 'AT&T' ... 'Honda' ... 'Mentos' ... 'Vodaphone' ... 'SKY' ... 'Jaguar' ... 'BBC Radio 1' ... 'Mars' ... 'Toyota' ... 'DFS' ... 'Nokia'  ... 'New York City Tourism' plus more.

Through Areebo, David and Neil are keen to build associations with the very best writing and production talent in the industry. "There are many fabulous young composers around who just want to compose and record and don't want to have to get involved with having to negotiate and liase with clients, that's what we're here to do" said David Wood, "Neil and I are looking to strengthen our writing and production team with the very best talent around".

If you compose and produce your own material for broadcast and would like to be considered for working with us, please send your show reel demo CD to us (details below).

How much does it cost to use Areebo?
Areebo is free for users to search for music; the cost of acquiring a licence to use a track depends on what the track will be used for, however we endeavour to provide music to suit all budgets. If you hear a track you like simply add it to your playlist, send us a message and we'll get back to you with a quote.

I can't find what I'm looking for, can you help?
Yes, if you'd like us to perform a music search please get in touch on the contact page.

Can I get an instrumental version of a track?
In most cases yes we can provide you with instrumental versions of tracks.

I'm a rights owner, how do I get my music on Areebo?
We feature music from various labels and publishers and encourage those interested in getting involved to get in touch on the contact page. In exchange for facilitating the licensing process and negotiating fees we take a percentage of any licensing income we secure.

Please send your show reel demo CD to: David Wood, 404 Marine Road East, Morecambe. LA4 5AR
Telephone 01524 401144 or email [email protected]
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