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Year of the Strat – Celebrating 70 Years of the Stratocaster (1954-2024)

Back in 1954, would Leo Fender have imagined that his new electric guitar design would still be probably the most copied, played and used electric guitar design in the world? 70 years on, it’s still going strong. Over the years, the design has been tweaked and adapted to various trends and multiple new genres, but […]

The new Fender Player II Series arrives!

Fender unveil the All New Player II Series All-new vital versions of Fender’s most iconic models with contemporary upgrades for the players of today – including comfortable modern “C” necks with smooth rolled edges,the return of rosewood fingerboards and new vintage colors unearthed from the vaults. Promenade Music are delighted to share the all new […]

The Suzuki Omnichord is Back!

Suzuki have relaunched the much-loved Omnichord! The Omnichord OM-108 is the brand new version of the classic cult favourite, and Suzuki have opted to ‘re-imagine’ the Omnichord to include iconic features from their earlier models along with new chords, rhythms and strumplate variations. For more information, see our product page: Omnichord OM-108

What’s new for 2024?

There are plenty of new products planned for 2024. At this year’s NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show, Korg defintely won the award for most new announcements! But there’s plenty to come from all the major manufacturers this year. The original Korg Microkorg came out over 20 years ago and has been used exhaustively […]

New Fender Vintera II Series Electric Guitars & Basses for 2023 – and beyond!

Back in the summer of 2019, Fender premiered their new Vintera range, which combined the words Vintage and Era to bring us Vintera. This MIM (Made in Mexico) range brought us high quality at a more affordable price than the USA-made models. WIth Fender’s rich heritage – and given that they literally invented many of […]

MarkBass Bass Amp Sale!

Markbass Bass Amp Sale! We’ve been stocking Mark Bass amps for many years now. They’re designed and made in Italy by bass player Marco de Virgiliis and his team who formed MarkBass in 2001. Many bass players love the Markbass sound, and the fact they are lightweight and reliable. In fact, a lot of the […]

Gibson, Epiphone & Maestro Effects Pedals now at Promenade Music!

Promenade Music are delighted to once again be UK dealers for the Gibson brand, including Gibson, Epiphone and Maestro Effects. Gibson was founded by Orville Gibson who originally made mandolins in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in the late 1890s. He developed the making of archtop guitars and by the 1930s, the company was also making flat-top acoustic […]

Korg Drumlogue Analog Digital Hybrid Drum Machine in Stock Now!

Korg Drumlogue Analog/Digital Hybrid Drum Machine – NOW IN STOCK!     Back in January 2020, Korg announced some future products. One of those was the Korg Drumlogue.  There was a short teaser video and some very dark pictures of a black drum machine, and them … NOTHING! Finally, at the end of January 2023 […]

Promenade Music – Guild Guitar Dealer

                                        Promenade Music are delighted to once again be dealers for Guild Guitars. Starting in Manhatten in 1952, and quickly moved to Hoboken, New Jersey, Guild quickly became established as a maker of great archtop eletric […]

Pickaso Guitar Bow UK Stockists

Promenade Music are delighted to stock Pickaso Bows – a nifty little bow that allows an acoutic guitar player to bow and produce bowed instrument type tones. (Pickaso now have many imitators, some of whom even use the brand name Pickaso. But they are cheap knock-offs. Avoid!) The Pickaso Guitar Bow combines a pick […]