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Faith & Hope's founders, David Wood (partner in Promenade Music) and Neil Claxton go back a long way. They have a close friendship and strong working relationship but neither of them ever dreamed that when they started Faith & Hope that they would eventually have a #1 Hit, a catalogue of wonderful tracks from great artisits and lots of music on some of the biggest Films and Ads. 

Faith & Hope Records Limited now encompasses three arms:
Faith & Hope Records (label), Faith & Hope Songs (publishing) and Areebo (music synchronisation).

After studying Music in Huddersfield, Recording in Manchester and Law (part time) in Lancaster, David's first five years as a full time working musician included playing, writing, arranging, M.D'ing and quite a bit of time in the studio before he established Promenade Music in 1989. Before Neil left Morecambe to study Music at Salford he had been taught by David for several years and worked, whilst a student, at Promenade Music. After leaving Uni in the early nineties, Neil enjoyed glittering pop success by remixing and producing artists such as, Gabrielle, Urban Cookie Collective, Boyzone, East 17, Doobie Brothers and Stone Roses to name but a few. Neil quickly became one of the most respected remix producers in the UK working for labels such as Epic, Columbia, Jive, Warners, Polydor, Sony, MCA, and Arista.

It was in the Autumn of 1997 when Neil and David decided to set up their own label and Faith & Hope Records Limited opened for business on the 11th of November 1997 with offices above Promenade Music in Morecambe and an office in what Neil calls "the less salubrious end of central Manchester" and David calls "a room on the third floor of the old Sankey's soap". In early 1998 Faith & Hope made its first signing with 'Subaqwa' but Faith & Hope's first release was Mint Royale's 'Deadbeat' in November 1998, a 12" only release. Realising the label needed a kick start and something big to talk about at the forthcoming 1999 Midem music industry event in Cannes (the following January), they arranged for Mint Royale to do a remix of Terrorvision's "Tequila". Mint Royale's actual remix entered the UK charts at #2 around Midem and the label immediately had some profile. Mint Royale has remained the backbone of the label with a string of Top 40 Hits including 'Don't Falter' (#15), The Sexiest Man in Jamaica (#20), Blue Song (#35) and Singin' in the Rain (#20 and then #1 three years after).

2000 saw major expansion within Faith & Hope with the creation of 'Faith & Hope Songs', a publishing arm of the company. In 2002, David and Neil were delighted to welcome Doug D'Arcy in to the company as an equity shareholder. Now a highly respected music industry veteran, Doug began his career in the music business in 1968 with Chrysalis, becoming the MD of Chrysalis at just twenty three and then President. Whilst there, Doug signed artists that today are household names like Blondie, Jethro Tull, Procol Harum, The Specials, Ultravox, Spandau Ballet, Billy Idol and Huey Lewis to name but a few. Doug was also influential in the creation of the '2 Tone' and 'New Romantic' movements. After Chrysalis' sale to EMI, Doug left and established Dedicated Records (a joint venture between himself and BMG) which he ran for several years. Doug now has his own music investment company called 'Songlines' and is a founding board member of AIM (Association of Independent Music). "Having Doug on board immediately strengthened Faith & Hope because of his many years of experience at the very highest level" explains David. "As well as a shareholder, Doug's been a mentor which has been invaluable for us"   

In 2008 Neil, David and Doug established Faith & Hope's music synchronisation arm 'Areebo', to supply the music they represent to music supervisors and professionals from the worlds of film, television, advertising and games. Faith & Hope have had great success supplying and licensing music since they first started.
Faith & Hope's Film credits include: Vanilla Sky, Serendipity, Get Carter, The Hot Chick, Bad Company, National Lampoon's Van Wilder, Oceans 13 (soundtrack album) and three tracks on the 2008 BAFTA Award Winner 'Boy A'.
Faith & Hope's Television credits include: Grey's Anatomy, Chuck, Alias, Spaced, The Priory' (Theme Tune), Mighty Boosh, Malcolm In The Middle, Shameless, Queer As Folk, Hotel Babylon.
Faith & Hope's Advertising credits include: Volkswagen' (Singin' In The Rain, The UK #1 Single), Hugo Boss, Kelloggs, AT&T, Honda, Mentos, Vodaphone, SKY, Jaguar, BBC Radio 1, Mars, Toyota, DFS, Nokia, New York City Tourism. In 2008, Faith & Hope had their first UK #1 when Mint Royale's Singin' in the Rain topped the charts and was one of the fastest selling singles of the year.

Faith & Hope now forms a pivotal part of the Manchester music scene. With an ethos of honesty and realism, Faith & Hope's acts vary massively in style but all fall under the banner of 'alternative pop'. The acts hover anywhere between electronica and rock, between the individual and band-driven. Determined to release inspirational music without spending a fortune doing it, Faith & Hope were one of the first labels to champion the lo-fi creativity of the burgeoning 'bedroom musician' ethic as their starting point. "We have an affinity with people who do things for themselves," explains Neil. "We certainly couldn't have a whole roster of real bands, as it would be too expensive. We think that people who do music all the way from conception to the finished product have more of a vision." Faith & Hope's roster and back catalogue includes: Mint Royale, Buen Chico, National Forest, Morning Runner, Beats For Beginners, Shirokuma, Los Paranoias, Touriste, Grand Transmitter,  Alpinestars, Budnubac, AN-2, Nightclubbing, DJ Dan & Grandadbob, Subaqwa and LC Anderson Vs Psycho Radio. Today, Faith & Hope still have the office in Morecambe but have moved the 'Manchester' office out to South Manchester, well Stockport to be exact.

Faith & hope's one of the few independent record label and publishing companies to have entered major licensing deals (Universal, EMI and BMG and joint ventures (Sony) with nearly every major. A true tribute to their visionary A&R skills.

General Enquiries
If you would like to contact faith & hope for general enquiries, please email: [email protected]
Licensing Enquiries
For licensing enquiries please email: [email protected]
Demo Enquiries
We only accept CD or MP3 demos.
Send your 'CD' demo by post to: Faith & Hope, PO Box 601, Stockport, SK4 3XA
Send your 'MP3' demo by email to: [email protected] (Please send only 1 track per email)

Faith & Hope remains resolutely independent and genuinely unpredictable in its tastes. Keep listening to see what comes next.
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