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Content Organs Invention Technology

What is Invention Technology?

- A Content organ with Invention Technology basically has the sounds of four organs in one instrument.

- The four organ sounds / voicings are from English, German, French and Dutch and they are all built-in to one instrument.

- Each stop is sampled / recorded from various famous pipe organs in England, Germany, France and The Netherlands.

- You can switch between the four organ voicings at the touch of a button.

- Invention Technology is built in to many Content Organ models.

"It's like having four organs in one"

The four voicing characters are...

English 'Symphonic'
Think of playing traditional English hymns, or the wonderful organ repertoire of the likes of Stanley, Parry, Elgar, and Stainer on a beautiful English Harrison & Harrison or Willis organ.

German 'Baroque'
Think of playing your favourite preludes, fantasias and toccatas by the likes of Bach and Buxtehude on an organ built by the great North German Baroque organ builder Schnitger.

French 'Romantic'
Think of playing the likes of Messiaen and Franck, and being inspired by playing the sounds that were inspired by the French organ builder Cavaillé-Coll's Notre Dame de Paris or Saint Vincent de Paul organs

Dutch 'Classic'
Think of playing those beautiful organs built by those Dutch family organ builders like Bätz and Witte.

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