2018 Daniel Slaman II Duomo Electro Acoustic Nylon Archtop In Blonde With Case

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2018 Daniel Slaman II Duomo Electro Acoustic Nylon Archtop in Blonde With Case

Daniel Slaman is an internationally acclaimed archtop jazz guitar maker from The Netherlands.
2018 Electro Acoustic Nylon Archtop With Hiscox Case

Key Points
  • Port Orford Cedar
  • Italian Cypress Body
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • Waverly (USA) Tuners


2018 Daniel Slaman II Duomo Electro Acoustic Nylon Archtop in Blonde With Case

Daniel Slaman is an internationally acclaimed archtop jazz guitar maker from The Netherlands.

The model we have in stock is a Daniel Slaman II Duomo model nylon string archtop jazz guitar (serial number 38618) which was made by Daniel in The Netherlands for my friend Stephen Harrison in 2018.

The Dome series II Duomo model has a nylon string tone with an archtop jazz guitar feel and has...
- Wonderful Italian cypress back and sides and a straight grain Port Orford Cedar.
- Neck is Italian Cypress
- Fingerboard is Ebony
- Tuners are high quality Waverly (made in USA) with a bronze base plate and smooth, lifelong operation.
- Features a Dirk van der Meij custom brass metal tailpiece.
- Finished in nitro-cellulose lacquer - very thinly applied - for the most beautiful sound.


  • 16 1/4 inch body
  • Rounded cutaway
  • Port Orford Cedar domed top
  • Small f holes, no binding, black purfling lines in stained maple
  • Spanish cypress back and sides
  • Bach arched with braces
  • ebony fingerboard
  • 25 1/2 inch scale length 
  • 14 frets clear from the body
  • 5cm wide at nut
  • No side position dots on fingerboard
  • Spanish cypress neck
  • Ebony headstock overlay 
  • Ebony bridge
  • Custom Made Barbera piezo pickup 
  • Waverly 'Sloane' Tuners
  • No pickguard
  • bone nut 
  • Nitro Cellulose finish, hand polished, clear
  • truss rod adjustable neck

Dan Pearson - who works at Promenade Music in the holidays and is a Junior student at the Royal Northern College of Music - is a fine young guitarist wrote this review after playing the guitar came in to stock. Take a read...
"The Daniel Slaman II Duomo is the nicest nylon strung guitar I've ever played. It has a deep, resonant bass from the cypress back and sides, with a very clean, strong treble. The tone all across the fingerboard is consistent and smooth. The frets are accessible right up to the 20th fret and the notes are very resonant and sustained up to that point. The arched body sits comfortably on the body and the gloss finish doesn't make moving up and down the neck too difficult, it glides nicely. It projects much better than most nylon string guitars I've played, making it suitable for completely acoustic playing. However, the Barbera Piezo Pickup gives a faithful and great sound when plugged in. Aesthetically, it's perfect to be shown off because it's a very nice pale wood all over, and it's completely spotless. It gives exactly the sort of warm tone that you can imagine jazz guitar greats, like Joe Pass, would have looked for, and it works great for solo jazz, or in ensemble
playing. I can't recommend this guitar highly enough; it plays so easily and it sounds exactly how you want it to sound. Possibly the most famous jazz guitarist on the planet, Pat Metheny, has had Slaman make him a custom model similar to the Duomo, so if you can't trust me, trust Pat."

The black lines on the back and sides of the guitar were inspired when Daniel took a trip to Tuscany and saw the facade of the Filippo Brunelleschi designed 'Duomo di Firenze' which is the Dome on Florence Cathedral (formally known as the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore).

This guitar is in mint condition, and today, the guitar would cost circa £4,300.00 but you would have to wait around eighteen months for it to be made.

Daniel Slaman is an internationally acclaimed archtop jazz guitar maker who hand-builds archtops, one by one, in The Netherlands.

If you buy this Daniel Slaman guitar, you're in good company as Pat Metheny bought a Daniel Slaman in 2014.

If you ordered a new guitar from Daniel today, "Due to demand and work load, all Dome guitar orders received in 2019 will have a 1.5 year wait time; delivery will be in 2020".

Many steel string archtop jazz players would love a handbuilt nylon string archtop guitar... and now their search is over!  Daniel Slaman's 'The Dome' has the feel of the archtop jazz guitar (high bridge, arched top, 14 frets to the body, cutaway, narrower neck compared to classical, 12 inch radius fingerboard) and a steel string archtop jazz player will immediately feel at home on the Il Duomo because it feels like a steel strung archtop………but sounds like a nylon.

Check out these videos for more info... Video 1 ... Video 2 ... Video 3.

Call Promenade Music on 01524 410202 or email [email protected]


Condition : Slight lacquer cracking on top of guitar

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