DROP Guitar Strap Adjuster

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DROP Guitar Strap Adjuster

The most progressive product in the guitar industry
Change your guitar position while playing. It's genius!

Key Points
  • Control The Guitar Position
  • Holds 220lbs (= 30 Guitars)
  • Super Durable
  • Slick and Smooth Wire


DROP Guitar Strap Adjuster

The most progressive product in the guitar industry

The DROP strap adjuster is the most progressive product in the guitar industry! It is a patented guitar strap adjuster that gives you perfect control to change your guitars position while you are playing.

The easiest way to find out what the the DROP strap adjuster is.... Watch this What is DROP Video.

The DROP strap adjuster features.
- Control
(press the button - move the guitar up or down to the desired position - let go of the button and the mechanism is LOCKED).

- Durable and smooth
(DROP is made from a durable plastic reinforced with glass fibere - the wire of the DROP is a Standardized Molecular Distribution technology (SDM) - super durable, slick and smooth wire that can handle up to 220lbs / 100kgs).

- Intuitive and pick friendly
The location of the DROP on a guitar was carefully chosen, we aimed to quick adjustments, the button had to be as close to the guitar body but within hand reach, the size of the button is perfectly sized and shaped for the human hand so you wouldn't miss it, even while holding a pick.

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Why buy the DROP strap adjuster?
You can adjust your strap length in an instant, even while playing. Simply change guitar positions and have the option to move from playing rhythm low, to mid position for tapping or slapping [for bassists] or high for solos.

How does the DROP strap adjuster work?
It is so easy and intuitive: Press the button - move the guitar up or down to the desired position - let go of the button and the mechanism is LOCKED. (Don’t worry, you can be aggressive and fast with the adjustment, the DROP can handle up to 220lbs).

Is the DROP strap adjuster strong?
It was designed to handle more than it needs! It's built to hold 220 LBS... that's the weight of 30 guitars.

Does the DROP strap adjuster have a warranty?
Yes, for one year.

Does the DROP strap adjuster fit my strap / stap locks?
We haven't found a strap yet that the DROP 'does not' fit. If you ever find a guitar strap that doesn’t fit the DROP, please let them know at [email protected]

Any other reasons why should I use the DROP strap adjuster?

Reach further with greater ease and comfort. Find the right height and help avoid common guitar injuries to your wrist, elbow, finger and even shoulder trouble by putting your comfort first. Feel comfortable while you're playing.

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The DROP Story
The idea first arose some 20 years ago when DROP's founder was practicing with his band and found himself struggling with the position of his guitar. He preferred 'the look' of a low-hanging guitar, but wanted the guitar higher at times for comfort, and compromised by keeping the guitar unsatisfactorily in the middle. He realized that he did not need to compromise and invent the DROP strap adjuster to give him - and every guitarist - the freedom needed.

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