Fender Infinity Strap Locks

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Fender Infinity Strap Locks

These strap locks install easily on most instrument straps.
Designed to keep your instrument safe

Key Points
  • Set of 2 steel strap locks
  • Unique side-pinch release
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Secure-locking design


Fender Infinity Strap Locks

These strap locks install easily on most instrument straps.

What is a strap lock, and why do you need one?

A strap lock literally locks your strap into position securing the strap on to your guitar so that it doesn't fall off.

Imagine you're playing live and miss a few notes 'cos you're too busy catching your falling guitar or bass - this can be prevented with a strap lock.

Or, you don't want to drop your precious instrument when practicing at home - get a strap lock.

Fender do them in 4 finishes (Black, Chrome, Gold or Red) so you can match your instrument's colour or hardware colour.

Fender Infinity Strap Locks

Available in Black, Chrome, Gold or Red



Designed to keep your instrument safe, even during the most strenuous stage acrobatics, Fender Infinity Locks are crafted from durable steel. 360 degrees of rotation, along with a unique, side-pinch release mechanism allows you to adjust your instrument with ease—without it crashing to the floor. These strap locks install easily on most instrument straps, securely locking the strap into place, while the Fender logo buttons assure you these are designed for performance.


  •     Set of two steel strap locks; available in four colors
  •     Unique side-pinch release mechanism
  •     360-degree rotation; secure-locking design
  •     Includes buttons, locks and mounting hardware
  •     Dimensions: Width: 1”, Length: 1.5”


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