Hohner Harmonicas

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Hohner Harmonicas

We stock a range of chromatic and diatonic harmonicas.
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Key Points
  • Diatonic Harmonicas
  • Chromatic Harmonicas
  • 10 Hole, 12 Hole
  • Octave Harmonicas


Hohner Harmonicas

We stock a range of chromatic and diatonic harmonicas.

We keep a range of Hohner Harmonicas in stock. There are so many different kinds and different keys of harmonicas available, it is difficult to maintain a full and accurate stock list on our website. But please do call us for the best price and availability.

Here's some basic harmonica info:

The harmonica has been a popular instrument for many years now. The most common harmonica is the 10 hole diatonic variety. This is also known as harp, or blues harp. There are also 12 hole variations. The Chromatic harmonica has a slide button which allows you to play chromatically, and get to some of the notes that appear 'missing' in a diatonic harp.

Most advanced players that play jazz choose Chromatic harmonicas, as used by perhaps the most famous non-blues harmonica player, Larry Adler.

There are 2 main ways of playing a harmonica, straight harp (like a major scale) or cross harp (the main way that blues is played) . If you had a harmonica in the key of C, you could play a major scale type melody in C, but it would be in the key of G for blues playing.

Unfortunately, it means that you'd have to have a lot of different harmonicas!

To get the best out of a harmonica, you need to master a few techniques. There are things to do with your mouth (puckering), blowing, sucking, fanning the harp with your hand, using your lips and tongue to control where the air goes and how much and so on. One of the main things to learn for blues-based players is how to 'bend' notes. This is one of those techniques that can seem unfathomable and hard to explain at first, but once learnt is easy to repeat.

There are also differences in materials used to make harmonicas. They generally all have metal bodies, but some have plastic insides instead of wood. They all use reeds. Generally, the plastic kind are easier to get notes out of, and easier to bend.

Below are some of the more common harmonicas we stock in most keys:

Diatonic Harmonicas

Hohner Silver Star (Decent but basic harp ideal for beginners)

Hohner Big River (Better build quality, nice little harp)

Hohner Cross Harp (Apart from the reeds, entirely made of metal)

Hohner Blues Harp (The classic blues-lover's harp, wooden insides)

Hohner Marine Band (As pictured - High Quality made from wood and brass)


There are also plenty of different Chromatic models (such as the Larry Adler 12 or 16 hole signature models), plus the rarer Octave harmonicas and double-sided harps.


Our friends at Sutherland Trading are our Hohner suppliers, take a look at their full range HERE and give us a call on 01524 410202 if you'd like us to order you something.

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