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Job Vacancy

We Are Hiring At Promenade Music

We have a vacancy for a multi-instrumentalists to join our sales and marketing team at Promenade Music.

The job is based at our Morecambe music shop and the vacancy is full-time hours. We close Sundays, and the successful applicant will work 5 days per week - including Saturday - and have a day off in the week.

- The successful applicant will be handling the sales, marketing and presentation of various instruments, equipment and the other services we offer.

The more instruments you play the better... the applicant will need them to be able to sell keyboard instruments (pianos, keyboards, organs), orchestral instruments (brass, woodwind, stringed, tuned percussion) and folk instruments, accessories and sheet music.

- We are looking for an applicant who enjoy being in an environment surrounded by other musicians and instruments.
- We have a family-friendly, relaxed atmosphere, and require the applicant to have a professional manner.

We are a small team, so to some degree, everybody does everything. We all handle phone and email questions; deal with deliveries and dispatches; clean and look after stock; work with customers on the shop floor and do sales and marketing tasks.

- We are looking for an applicant who wants to develop themselves in to product person with real expertise and knowledge.
- We want
 an applicant with an interest, passion, knowledge and skill.

Although we are not necessarily looking for an applicant with a music conservatoire / university background; a degree in music may help give them a more in-depth knowledge of musical instruments. Experience with playing instruments, and a knowledge of instruments are a must.

- We are looking for an applicant who is always listening, reading and willing to continue learning.

There is no substitute for really knowing - and being able to play - what you are selling. This includes knowing the specifications; how it's made; how it performs; the history of the instrument; the history of the manufacturer; the players of the instrument; the tuning of the instrument; etc. Many of our customers really know their stuff, so we all have to know our products inside out.

We are looking for applicants who have...
... a passion for musical instruments and equipment.
... a happy disposition.
... a positive attitude.
... good manners.
... an interest in how customers are taken care of.
... an ability to make customers feel welcome.
... excellent communication skills.
... excellent interpersonal skills.
... a customer focused attitude.
... the ability to be punctual.
... the desire to be commercially astute.
... the ability to multi-task.
... the ability to be patient and calm.

The applicants responsibilities will be very varied...
... serve and advise customers.
... demonstrate a wide range of instruments and equipment.
... learn the features, benefits and specifications of instruments and equipment.
... learn about sheet music and the many accessories associated with instruments.
... deal with deliveries and dispatches
... manage stock.
... merchandise stock.
... price stock.
... keep stock clean and prepared for sale.
... keep the sales areas clean and attractive for customers.
... photographing stock.
... help with web content.
... help with adverts and direct mail.
... help with social media activity including.
... help on outside shows (occasionally).
... help on deliveries to customers homes.
... dress smart but casual.
... to learn to play simple tunes on instruments so you can demonstrate them.
... take part in manufacturers training programmes.
... learn the history of the manufacturers.
... learn the basic construction of instruments.
... learn the basic maintenance of instruments
... handle cash
... use our internal IT systems.
... use our telephone system.

- The successful applicant will start on a three month probationary period.
- The salary is negotiable depending on experience.

Send, or drop in a CV to...
David Wood, Promenade Music, 404 Marine Road East, Morecambe, Lancashire, LA4 5AR, England
Any questions, just call 01524 410202 and speak to David or Email him at [email protected]