Location & Mobile Recording

Promenade Music offers customers a range of sound recording services including 'Location & Mobile Recordings', 'Voice Over Work' and 'CD Manufacturing'.

Location & Mobile Recording Work
Promenade Music's digital mobile recording business has a reputation for quality digital mobile recordings offering either a 'recording only service' or a 'complete recording package'.

At the heart of Promenade Music's Digital Mobile Recording service lies a commitment to deliver the kind of product that professionals, amateurs and ensembles have come to expect from our fully transportable, state of the art digital recording system producing fully multi-mic'd, recorded, mixed and mastered recordings.

Our system can be temporarily installed in any suitable space and as you'd expect, we've some excellent recording equipment based around a range of high quality microphones
(including a Soundfield) and we can help deal with all aspects of your recording project from the recording, mixing, editing and mastering through to the design of artwork, CD manufacturing and all the MCPS copyright requirements. We've many years of experience in location recordings and our aim is to deliver a quality product.

If you would like to discuss any of Promenade Music's digital mobile recording service or require a quote, please contact David Wood on 01524 426244 or email [email protected]

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Recording On Location With Our Mobile Studio

Recording On Location With Our Mobile Studio
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