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Paiste Cymbals

Paiste have a long history which travels through Russia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, the USA and Estonia (again) and Spain! They state that "The principle of our family business is to continually create new sound with cymbals, gongs, and bronze percussion instruments according to the creative needs of drummers and percussionists." Paiste continues to try and match their products with the styles and tastes of the current musical climate. Paiste cymbals are used by many of the best/most famous drummers in the world, such as Pink Floyd's Nick Mason, The Police's Stewart Copeland and U2's Larry Mullen Jnr. They have also been used by Dennis 'Machine Gun' Thompson from the MC5.

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Paiste Rude Core Bonus Box Set

Paiste Rude Core Bonus Box Set
  • 14" H/h, 18" Cr, 20" Ride
  • Free 16" Crash
  • B8 Bronze
  • Traditional Finish
In Stock
Handmade in Switzerland