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Latest News from Promenade Music




Fender's new Hammertone pedals are the essential building blocks of any board.

Used individually or stacked to create a chain, these nine must-have effects can tackle any tone.





When you’re putting together any pedal board, delay, reverb, overdrive are just a few of the must-haves … not nice-to-haves.



Hand-crafted by our resident tone guru, Stan Cot...

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The new Roland AIRA Compact Series includes the T-8, E-4 and J-6 which build on the legacy of classic Roland sounds from the TR808, TR909, TB303 and Juno drum machines & synths.

The T-8 includes sounds from the TR-808 and 909 classic drum machines, the E-4 builds on the TR3 and TR4 voice transformers and the J in the J-6 stands for JUNO!

Between them, these have been responsible for a massive amount of both classic and contemporary electronic music, hip-hop, pop music a...

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Promenade Music are excited to announce that we have become the Main UK Dealer for the fantastic Content Organ range.

Content Organs is one of the World's leading digital organ manufacturers based in The Netherlands. As a leading digital organ builder, Content offers Organists, Organ Students, Churches, Institutions, Conservatories and Music Schools a wide range of digital classical organs and Hauptwerk organs.

Content make organs that meet the needs of the most demanding org...

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Electro-Harmonix (EHX) Pedals were establised over 50 years ago in 1968, New York, USA by Mike Matthews.

Mike has had a very colourful life, and his first foray into pedal-making was making fuzz pedals, some which were branded as being made by Guild.

Mike made his own and this eventually lead to the formation of EHX.

There have been various ups and downs ...

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Whilst some manufacturers are happy to make other people's products or just endlessly rehash versions of synths they originally made 40 years ago, it's great to see that Korg are doing something a bit different.

What you often hear about FM Synthesis is that it became too over-used due to the Yamaha DX7, sounds like the 80s, good for bell-like sounds, and is too hard to programme.

Well, Korg re-imagined wave synthesis with thei...

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Promenade Music is proud to announce that we are the UK based dealer for ToneWoodAmp



With the ToneWoodAmp TWAmp Solo, you experience your acoustic guitar in a whole new way!

What is a ToneWoodAmp?
It allows you to play acoustic guitar with different effects, UNPLUGGED – with the effects emanating organically from the guitar’s sound hole and the body itself.

How does a ToneWoodAmp work?
It works similar to the way the strings excite the top ...

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New Fender American Performer Series

The American Performer Series is Fender's newest entry-point into their U.S. made instruments, placing Fender quality into the hands of players at any level.
For the guitarist who wants a combination of timeless Fender style and contemporary features, this series blends traditional Fender design with new innovations and modern elements to maximize the tone and performance. And like...

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Promenade Music are delighted to be one of the largest stockists and main dealers for D'Angelico in the UK.

Take a look at the D'Angelico Guitars at Promenade Music

Here's the background to D'Angelico

1905 - The Legend Was Born
John D’Angelico was born in Little Italy, on Manhattan's Lower East Side. At the age of nine, he became apprentice to his grand uncle [Signor Ciani], an expert violin and mandolin mak...

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Introdcuding the New Fender Vintera Series

Combining the words Vintage and Era  - Fender bring us Vintera! It's a new range that replaces the Classis Series. They are high quality, affordable models of Fender's most popular  guitars and basses and offer great value for money and an array of options that  should suit the vast majority of players of all styles. 












About The Vintera™ Series

Much lik...

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Gary's Big Bass Blow-Out! Massive reductions on some top quality bass guitars:

We're having a major bass guitar sale! If there are any basses on our website that you like the look of, give our bass department a call on 01542 410202.

But to begin with, take a look at these magnificent basses we've lined up with HUGE discounts. These ain't no porkchops either, we're talking prime cuts h...

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