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Coronavirus Trading Updates

UPDATE: 1st of July 2020
Thanks to everyone who's supported us since lockdown, we hope you're all safe and well. Since lockdown, we've been open on the phones and online with a reduced staff of Steven, Richard, Bob, Chris Pat [accounts lady] and David. All the way through, we've been studying the government guidelines relating to non-essential retailers and moving forward, every two weeks, we're now going to review the way we are going to trade and post the information on this page. We've been open over thirty years now and there's no one who wants to get back to 'normal' more than us. Our strategy is to make you - and all working at Promenade Music - feel secure and we want everyone to be safe... customers, colleagues and our families alike.

Our 'Ways of Trading' from 1st to 14th of July 2020

(1) We will be OPEN for FACE-TO-FACE business in the shop from 2pm to 5pm [Monday to Saturday]

- If you want accessories, just turn up between
2pm and 5pm [Monday to Saturday]

- If you want to buy an instrument - and know what you want - please call us [01524 410202] and we'll have it ready for you when you come to collect it... remember, we can deliver it for you too.

- If you want to buy an instrument - and you want to look at it  - or look at several - before you buy it, please make an appointment to come in to the shop by calling us [01524 410202] and we'll have some instruments available to look at.

This is the best we can do for this two week period.
We'll have the shop blocked off in the shop entrace main and we will go and get small goods and products for customers.
We are encouraging people to do their research by either calling us on the phone (01524 410202), video calling us and using our website.
We'll advise as much as we can but we know there's only so much talking about an instrument that you can do though and that's why people who want to buy something can come and try it [see below].
If someone plays an instrument, we'll quarantine it for 72hrs afterwards [this is in line with government guidelines].

So to recap....

- We can not facilitate 'browsing'. We're really sorry - and it's not like us - but we don't feel we can facilitate browsing at the moment.

- We can facilitate 'buying'... Someone can try the item first if they have the intent of buying it. 

If someone comes to the shop, we will need them to...
(a) Be 'well' [to make sure someone hasn't got a high temperature, we've invested in a 'no touch infrared forehead thermometer' and will check someone's temperature].
(b) Stay 2m away from anyone.
(c) Use the hand sanitiser that's provided.

(2) We are open on the phones - 01524 410202 - from 10am until 5pm [Monday to Saturday]

(3) We are open for video calls [FaceTime, Messenger Video, WhatsApp Video, Zoom etc] from 10am until 5pm [Monday to Saturday]. Call 01524 410202 to arrange it.

(4) We are always open online please take a look at our Promenade Music Website

UPDATE: 24th MARCH 2020

As you'll be aware, the Coronavirus has affected everything, including our ability to trade normally. As instructed by the government, we are closed to the public. HOWEVER, we are continuing to sell online and do mail-order over the phone. Due to the current situation, we are maintaining a reduced staff number and will be here to take your calls between 10am until 4pm Monday to Saturday. Our website has almost all our instruments on it (some small goods are not always listed). If you know the model name, the most efficient way to navigate it is to use the "SEARCH" bar near the the top right hand side. Or you can search via categories or brands via various drop-down boxes. If the item says "IN STOCK" (apart from the occasional human error) it will be. Otherwise, the item may require ordering from the manufacturer - which may take longer in the current climate. More information about delivery etc here: If you are wanting to buy an instrument, but aren't sure which one specifically, give us a call first and we'll do our best to help you out. If you can order online, please do so. For any further information, please call us on 01524 410202. For further updates, see our Facebook page: