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Dave King Acoustic Guitars At Promenade Music

Dave King Acoustic Guitars In StockDave King Acoustic Guitars At Promenade Music
Promenade Music's Now A Main UK Dealer For The Fabulous Dave King Acoustic Guitars.

Over the last 20 years, Dave King has built a fine reputation for making wonderful acoustic guitars from his Kingsclere base in Berkshire, England.

At the age of 9, Dave saw a picture of a parlour guitar on the cover of a Bert Jansch album and fell in love with them. Since that time Dave has designed and built not only his World famous parlours but also a wide range of acoustic guitars of exceptional quality.

Dave King's attention to detail is meticulous and along with this attention to detail comes a clear loud and evenly balanced sound from his guitars that's suited to all styles of guitar playing. Construction methods and materials used are constantly being modernized and improved as Dave believes that there is always a better way of achieving the end result. Along with this, Dave has lectured at the London Metropolitan University (formerly the London College of Furniture) in the art of Lutherie.

Dave's made guitars for some of the UK's greatest guitar players. "Dave King makes wonderful guitars with a unique almost piano like quality, with lots of warmth and punch" says Eric Bibb, he continues "The workmanship is superb down to the smallest detail, resulting in a great guitar for the touring musician. For an instrument that feels looks and sounds beautiful I strongly recommend Dave King Acoustics." Another great guitarist who loves Dave's guitars is Peter Gabriel's acoustic guitar player, Richard Evans. He said to Dave King "If I was left with one possession, this would be it... Thank you." These are true accolades from great players.

Dave King Acoustic Guitar Range

Promenade Music will be stocking Dave King's most popular models; 'The Louise' (parlour), 'The Katrina' (000), 'Matilda' (dreadnought) and ever popular 'L-OO'.

See our Dave King stock at

We will be stocking 6 string, right hand versions but all models are available in left handed verisons at no extra cost and 12 string versions are avaiable at an extra cost. All models have traditional dovetailed necks and scalloped bracing.

Dave King 'Louise' Acoustic Guitar
The Dave King 'Louise' is a parlour size guitar based on a late Nineteenth Century design with 12 frets to the body and a scale length of 626mm for the 6 string model (610mm fot the 12 string version with slotted headstock).

Dave King 'L-OO' Acoustic Guitar
The Dave King 'L-OO' is Dave's tribute to the 1930's L-OO design with 14 frets to the body and golden era open back reproduction machine heads.

Dave King 'Katrina' Acoustic Guitar
The Dave King 'Katrina' is a 000 size guitar based on a 1930's design with 12 frets to the body with a 645mm scale length.

Dave King 'Matilda' Acoustic Guitar
The Dave King 'Matilda' is a dreadnought size guitar with 14 frets to the body and a 626 scale length.

For pricing of Dave King models, call 01524 410202
Options available:
- Sunburst
- 12 String
- Anarondick top
- Abalone purfling
- Waverly Tuners
- Cutaway

For more information on Dave King Acoustic Guitars, please call Keith on 01524 410202 or email him at [email protected]