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Massive KORG range now in stock at Promenade Music

Massive KORG range now in stock at Promenade MusicMassive KORG range now in stock at Promenade Music
Promenade Music now have more KORG stock than ever!

Promenade Music have been a KORG dealer for many years, but now we've got more KORG stock than ever! Why? Because it's great gear, and customers want it!

Although they are known mostly for there huge range of hi-tech gear, they also make great digital pianos too. Plus, these days, it's not just DJ's, dance music producers and keyboard players that want to use the kind of sounds that KORG makes possible. Increasingly, both at home, in the studio and live on stage, bands want to use a wider palette of sound by using electronics.

KORG have pioneered affordable and accessible synths, and their range includes the relatively inexpensive and user-friendly MicroKorg, MicroKorg XL and R3. The new Monotron analogue ribbon synth (expected to be in the UK very soon) looks brilliant! Add to that production tools like the Kaoss Pad 3, Kaossilator Pro, Mini-KP, and Kaossilator and you've enough sonic arsenal to last a lifetime.

There's also a whole host of controllers and samplers for you to manipulate any sound you want. The KORG MicroKontrol is the ideal control interface for music production that is computor-based. With 37 velocity-sensitve keys, sliders, encoders and an LCD screen, it's a perfect hands-on production or live tool.

The KORG MicroSampler takes this idea to the next level, especially for live situations. As well asbeing able trigger samples as on a conventional pad-type sampler, you can also play the samples at different pitches in a musical fashion, and even re-sample the result. You can select ONE SHOT, GATE, or LOOP methods; this greatly enhances the realtime character of your performance. In addition, you can use two completely new sampling methods "KEY GATE" and "AUTO NEXT" to sample more efficiently and creatively than ever. This really is an amazing piece of gear and it's instore now!

KORG have a new performance-focussed synth, the PS60 coming out very soon. It's a 61 note, semi-weighted keyboard with Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Strings, Brass, and Synth – providing fast access to the most in-demand keyboard sounds - the sounds required in nearly every band. We have this on back-order, so as soon as it's in the country, we'll have it in stock (expected summer 2010).

And for those people on the move, or just want something small, the Nano Controllers range offers small but perfectly formed controllers for all possibilities!

There are other great products as well - take the KORG WaveDrum percussion synth for example. It's a drum, but the drumhead is velocity sensitive, and the brain is packed with 100 different preset sounds, including the particularly amazing tabla sounds! It's a great tool for any studio, and would spice up any live set-up.

KORG's workstations rightly have a reputation as amongst the best in the world. They have evolved from the evolution of Korg Workstations since 1988. The Trinity, Triton and Karma series have all seen significant development in the sounds and user patterns. The new M Series features a number of innovations distilled from the flagship OASYS including the new EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis) sound generator derived from the HD-1 engine design, the advanced second-generation KARMA functionality, and the multi-purpose control surface. They're very popular with both studio and live musicians, particularly the M3 range, the M50, the PA800 Arranger Keyboard, the PA50 and the PA500 (both keyboard arrangers/workstations).

KORG's stage pianos such as the SP170 (the SP170S is coming in 2011) and SP250 offer a great velocity sensitve and naturally weighted hammer action with amazing life-like piano samples, all housed in a modern, sleek and stylish unit. The SP170 is the most affordable stage piano on the market. The new KORG SV1 Stage Vintage Piano is a modern/retro stage piano ideal for lovers of electro-mechanical, transistorized, tape-driven, analog, and early digital keyboards. It looks the business too!  The SV1 73 is in stock now!

And finally, KORG also offer a great range of recording gear. And one of KORG's newest products is the SOS Sound On Sound Recorder is also an innovative product. The last 2 years has seen a massive increase in the number of handheld digital recorders. This is great for basic ideas and field recordings, and basic live recordings. But the SOS is different in that you can record over and over onto the same track. So you may be in the middle of a field, but you could create your own choral masterpiece! Or, you've come up with a great chord sequence, and now you have a killer riff you don't want to forget. Now you can do it easily with one easy to use machine.

So why not check out some of the links, have a virtual browse, or come in to the shop and try them out for real? Call us on 01524 410202 for price and availability.

Keep up to date with forthcoming Korg products, such as the WaveDrum Mini, the Monotribe and more at Korg UK's website: