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Music School Re-opens (1st Sept 2020)

Hi everyone,

Lessons at Promenade Music are re-starting today (1st September 2020).

It's our absolute priority to keep everyone safe .... and below is how we will operate.

- Everyone's temperature will be checked on entering the building. If a temperature of 37.8c or greater is measured, entry can not be permitted.

- Everyone must wear a mask when entering the building and keep it on when going up and down the stairs to the teaching rooms.

- Everyone must hand sanitize as they enter the building.

- Students should go to the toilet before coming to their lesson as we do not have a toilet facility.

- At the discretion of each teacher, masks 'may' be removed once in the teaching rooms; but you must discuss this with your teacher before you come for your lesson. The decision on 'mask wearing in lessons' is totally down to the discretion of each individual teacher.

- If it is the first lesson of a young student, their parent or guardian who is in their bubble is allowed to go upstairs on their first lesson.

- If siblings in the same household bubble are having lessons at the same time, they are both allowed to go up to the teaching room.

- Lesson times are staggered between the three teaching rooms... so we can keep each teacher and their pupils in their own bubble. [Speak to your teacher re lesson times].

- No student or parent is able to wait on the first floor landing area as before the pandemic [due to not being able to social distance] or in the shop [due to limited customer ‘bubbles’ within the shop].

- Students must only enter the building a 'couple of minutes' before their lesson time and leave immediately after their lesson.

- Younger students must be collected immediately after their lesson [and not be left to wait around the shop or outside].

- If a student arrives more than a couple of minutes before their lesson time, we will need to ask them to wait outside. If it is raining, we will provide them with an umbrella.

- Teachers will collect students from downstairs on time and they will return students downstairs.

- Due to customer bubble restrictions within the shop, we cannot accommodate students wandering around the shop (unless they are buying something) before or after their lesson.

- The teachers will clean and wipe down work areas before and after each lesson so lessons will be slightly shorter than usual.

- Teachers will be opening and closing doors and windows, and touching light switches etc. [Students should not do this].

- To minimize the risk of infection, parents are not be allowed in lessons.

- Every teaching room will have wipes, sanitizer, Dettol spray, tissues and pedal bin.

- Instruments must not be shared.

- A window will be on vent when possible to allow for ventilation.

- We will avoid face-to-face teaching wherever possible and sit side-to-side and keep our distance at all times.

- Social distancing at 2m is preferable - however, if you are 1m+ then other actions must be taken e.g. wearing a mask /visor / screen.

- Teachers have thought about routes across the room for you. Keep an appropriate distance at all times.

- Students should bring their own stationary

- Students are entering the building at their own risk.

- If there's another lockdown; we will notify you of a change to lessons as soon as we can.

Just in case you've lost your teachers number; you can contact....
Andee on 07766 687374 (Singing)
Keith on 07891 075571 (Guitar)
Sandie on 07905 846383 (Piano, Keyboard & Theory)
Kathryn on 07974 505169 (Piano, Keyboard & Theory)
Steph on 07975 572108 (Piano, Keyboard & Theory).

It will be great to see you all again.