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Pre-Order the Martin Ed Sheeran X Signature Edition Guitar now - expected June/July 2015.


The 1st version of the Ed Sheeran Little Martin guitar proved to be one of the most popular guitars of the last couple of years. It was discontinued last year, which seemed strange, as it was such a good seller. Of course, now there's a new Sheeran model coming out, and this...

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Korg UK have just announced some exciting new additions to their range of keyboard products. The Microkorg XL +, the Pa600 Arranger Workstation, the Krome 61, 73 and 88 and the SP170DX.

Korg MicroKorg XL +

The original Korg MicroKorg was released 10 years ago in 2002. That innovative little synth may have looked like a toy, but on closer inspection was full of fantastic presets and all sorts of ways to edit/programme at will, The fact that they have been used by pretty much ever...

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Roland have just announced several excellent new products to their line, along with a new Boss loop station.

Roland FR8X V-Accordion and Roland FR8XB Button V-Accordion

have done some amazing work with digital accordions over the last few years. They now announce the arrival of the FR8X in both Piano and Button versions. This will be the new top-of-the-line V-Accordion, taking over from the FR7X. Roland say:

The Ultimate Fusion of Technology and Tradition
"With the in...

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The Yamaha Maple Absolute Hybrid Drum Kits Are Available In The UK Direct From Promenade Music. Call our drum department on 01524 410202 for more information and the best UK deal.

So, What Defines Expressive Drums?
The answer to the question is drums that give you the sound you need, whenever you need it. Tonal requirements vary among drummers, differ with dynamics, and change from band to band, song to song, moment to moment. With the Absolute Hybrid Series drums, Yamaha has succeed...

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Yamaha Announce two new additions to their acclaimed PSR Range. The PSR-S750 and PSR-S950 are very competitively-priced 61-note keyboard workstations.

They are packed with new features (the 950 has actual live percussion samples) plus extensive updates to their usual Super Articulation, Mega Voices, smart black finish and improved speakers.
 There really are too many features to discuss, but. See the links below for full details and spec:

The Yamaha PSR-S750 61 Note Keyboard Work...

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The synth forums have been wild with excitement and anticipation for the new Korg MS20 Mini. Synth Guru Marc Doty has produced a series of YouTube videos explaining the various facets and capabilities of the MS20 Mini. The new Korg MS20 Mini is based on the original MS20 from 1978. That synth became one of the most popular synths of it's time, and is still used by many of today's electronic musicians.

The new version has been designed by the same engineers as the original. It's slig...

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KORG have been on a winning streak in recent years, with an intuitive sense of what players want. The KingKorg is designed with the live player in mind. Many live players want some great synth sounds that Korg provide. But many players also want a few classic staple keyboard sounds like acoustic and electric pianos, Vox-style organs and more. The King Korg also has 61 full-size keys, which enables the player to really play in a way that is more limited on mini keys.

To order your very ...

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Promenade Music have been stocking Markbass Bass Amps, Heads and Combos for several years now. Markbass are not only designed in Italy, but built there too. They are a European product with no outsourcing.

Mark Bass have made quite a big impression in the world of bass amps in the last few years, mainly on account of their excellent tone and affordability. Their success is also partly down to the fact that these amps are built with the things that real bass players need. They are ...

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Although Leo Fender's Telecaster (developed from the Esquire) and Gibson's Les Paul are rightly championed as the pioneering solid body guitars, there is another kind of electric guitar.

Indeed, the first electric guitars were basically acoustic guitars with pickups added - like the early Gibson L5 models.

There are various kinds of hollow-bodied guitars. There are archtops - they literally have an arched top - which usually have 'f-holes' like a violin. There are also some hollow-...

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Viscount Organs Cadet Range

A brand new range of Viscount Classical Organs coming soon!

Call us at Promenade Music on 01524 410202 for more information.

The new Cadet range of Organs from Viscount are specifically aimed at and available exclusively to the UK market.


They are designed to appeal to the UK organ playing community.

The models are as follow (click the links for further details):

Viscount Cadet 21D Classical Organ - 21 Stop Single Manual Key...

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