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Promenade Music Blog

Welcome to David's Promenade Music Shop Blog (2018)

May 2018
- GDPR ... Spent most of the morning (15th) on the phone to the ICO aka Information Commissioner's Office about the new GDPR - aka General Data Protection Regulation - rules and how it will effect Promenade Music. I spoke to a fanatastic guy called Robin Gennery and he explained everything... top service! Basically the Direct marketing Data Protection Act Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations have been updated to include this thing called GDPR that's all over the news at the moment. As Proemande Music has never bought databases, and our email database is of our own existing customers obtained in the course of a sale, the GDPR ‘soft opt-in’ option applies perfectly to us. We only market our own music products and services; and we gave customers the opportunity to refuse or opt out of the marketing at the point of sale and in every message after that, so therefore, we're eligible for the ‘soft opt-in’. Only customers who are happy to hear from us are on our database and we always have an opt out on anything we send in relation to news, info and special deals. If you are interested in reading about 'soft opt-in', take a read from point 131 at this ICO link.

April 2018
- Free mag anyone? ... If anyone wants a free copy of the very latest Korg World Keyboard Magazine, we have a few copies left... so call in to Promenade Music and pick yourself one up.
- Wells Cathedral chooses Viscount ... Delighted to report that when Wells Cathedral needed an emergency organ hire, their assistant organist Jeremy Cole chose a Viscount. If anyone ever needs to hire our classical organ for a concert or an emergency (if their church organ goes down) call us, we do Church Organ Hire.
- Calling TR808 hip hop fans ... What you really need now is a pair of PUMA RS-0 Roland Sneakers. That's right, you can actually buy a pair of TR-808 inspired trainers!
- There are loads of girl percussionists
! ... I like WQXR (a New York's Classical Music Radio Station) but I think their blog Stereotyping Instruments: Why We Still Think Some Are For Boys, Others For Girls is out of date. They say “the overwhelming majority of percussionists are men (94%)”... Really?! I'm not unsure about that. There are loads of lady percussionist (Dame Evelyn Glennie, Keiko Abe, Simone Rebello, etc) and my daughter Jess is playing percussion [the clip is from 2014 when she was 16] and now studies at the Royal College of Music.... with other girl 'percussionist'.
- Want to be on telly? ... If you want to audition for the ITV programme The Voice, the first round auditions are at the Baha in Bowness on Friday May 11 from 1pm - 6pm. Move quick though, I believe there are only 30 x 10 minute slots available. To sign up, click here
- Kids who get better grades ... Parents, get your kids Music Lessons. Hampshire Council’s Research has found that teenagers who take music lessons are more likely to get better grades in subjects including English and Maths. Read the article.
- Europe bound ... Promenade Music's selling more stuff in to Europe than ever before. I've made a nice easy step by step page for our European Customers.
- 21 and amazigly talented! ... Today [21st] we've had Jordan Heather in the shop doing some training. He's the international sales manager for ROLI, and my goodness, for a 21 year old, the lad knows his stuff! Here's a pic of our Our Steve and Jordan. Check out this ROLI Video to give you an idea of what they've created, and take a look at their award winning ROLI Gear
- Award winning music department ... Our delivery guys delivered two new digital pianos to Don Gilthorpe (the director of music at Ripley St Thomas CE Academy) today. Don's an inspirational guy and his department won the MMA (Music Teaching Professionals) sponsored Best School Music Department in 2017.
- Scary times in the good ol' U.S of A ... If this Digital Music News report is correct, and America's largest music dealer Faces Imminent Bankruptcy After 59 Years In Business, I guarantee, it will take down some manufacturers with it. They've nearly 280 locations are are reportedly juggling more than one billion $ (that's £1,000,000,000.00) in outstanding loans. Now that's big time scary!
- Eden project ... So, there's reports that there's a proposal to bring a mini Eden Project to Morecambe?! It'll be great for tourist numbers if it happens.
- Shock horror ... In 2012, the UK Government announced the merger of the Office of Fair Trading and the Competition Commission, to create the Competition and Markets Authority aka CMA. Well, guess what, the CMA's 'officially' investigating alleged anti-competitive agreements in the musical instruments and equipment sector. The investigations relate to alleged anti-competitive agreements and/or concerted practices in relation to musical instruments and equipment. I wonder why? This is the most competitive industry going!!! As all my friends who have closed their shops in the last few years. Take a read at this page.
- BBC radio 2 folk show ... I had a nice surprise tonight [18 April], Mark Radcliffe who does the BBC Radio 2 Folk Show gave Promenade Music a liitle mention. Mark pops in to Promenade Music occasionally when he’s around the area. He’s a top man :)
- Omega music ... I'm very sorry to hear that our friends up at Omega Music in Brampton (near Carlisle) have ceased trading after over 30 years. We are all shocked to here the news that Ian and the rest of the Omega gang have closed and I wish them all the best for the future.
- Happy new year folks
... Yes we're a bit late but I've (David) decided to start doing a blog for the shop. I'll try , Happy New Year folks. Hope you have a good one. We're open over the holidays from 10am till 4pm each day. Check the home page for daily opening times :)