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A Yamaha B2 Silent piano gives you the acoustic authenticity whenever you need it as they are basically an acoustic and digital piano in one! For pianists who want a piano that will be a true partner in their musical endeavors, or those who want to offer their children the life-long gift of music, Yamaha offers a truly versatile, modern take on this storied instrument. With all the allure of an acoustic piano in a form that you can play without worrying about the time of day or those around you, these instruments will soon become an integral part of your musical life. Yamaha released the first SILENT Piano™ in 1993, and has continued to improve the sound muting performance of SILENT Piano™ technology. A Yamaha SILENT Piano™ offers the enjoyment of acoustic piano performance, even when played while wearing headphones. To Contact Us - Call 01524 410202 or email [email protected] for more information ... Go Back to the Upright Piano Home Page.

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Yamaha B2 Silent Upright Piano in Polished Ebony Black (B2-SC2-PE)

Yamaha B2 Silent Upright Piano in Polished Ebony Black (B2-SC2-PE)
  • Acoustic & Digital In One
  • 113cm Traditional Cabinet
  • SC2 Silent System
  • Free 1st Tuning & Delivery
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Yamaha Silent Piano - An Acoustic & Digital Piano In One!
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