Yamaha 2024 Bass, Sunburst, Secondhand

Yamaha 2024 Bass, Sunburst, Secondhand

This is not the X version which features a scratchplate
Used, excellent condition

Key Points
  • Alder Body
  • Maple/Mahogany Neck
  • Maple Fingerboard
  • 3-Piece Body

Manufacturer: Yamaha
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Yamaha 2024 Bass, Sunburst, Secondhand

This is not the X version which features a scratchplate

BB2024 is the ultimate passive bass with defined low end and aggressive attack. This hand-crafted high end bass satisfies all bass players who are looking for strong presence in sound. Its stunning look also earns respects from other bass players.

Spline Joint

BB2024 has employed a 3-piece body structure with which its bridge is placed on the center piece in order to translate the maximum amount of string vibration to the body. Instead of simply gluing wood pieces, we insert a Maple plate, called "Splin", into a slot on its joint sections. By doing that, Yamaha has succeeded in obtaining as much body vibration as 1-piece body with this 3-piece body structure.
Diagonal Body Thru Stringing

In Diagonal Body Thru Stringing, strings are angled 45 degreed at the saddle to reduce the stress and secure their tension. Moreover, because the attachment area of strings to saddles is larger than conventional vertial stringing, much better transmisson of vibration is obtained.

Both front and rear pickups are specially invented for this particular series. Pursuing ultimate passive sound, "Open Face Pickups" are used to cope with even aggressive picking of rock players.
5-Piece Neck

These necks consist of Maple and Mahogany. It provides durability and prevents necks from warping and curling.
Nickel Silver Nut

Nickel Silver is selected for nut. It is the same material with fret wires. Unlike conventional bone or arificial ivory nut, it gives the same sound quality and feeling even when open notes are played. For any bass players it is a crucial part of well-defined low end.

Both IRA and ARE technologies are applied to this bass. With these chemical free treatment, the bass sounds silky smooth and mature right out of a factory.

General specifications

Scale Length     34"(864mm)
Fingerboard     Maple
Body     Alder
Neck     Maple / Mahogany
Pickups     Alnico Split Single, Ceramic Bar Single

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