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The Banjo Ukulele or Ukulele Banjo is also know as a Banjolele, Banjelele, Banjulele, Banjo Uke or Uke Banjo which are all derived from the Banjulele-Banjo which was introduced by Alvin D. Keech in the early 1900's. The instrument was very popular in the 1920's & 30's and combines the small scale, tuning, and playing style of the ukulele with the construction and tone of a banjo with nylon strings. It's most commonly tuned to G,C,E,A (C Tuning) or A,D,F#,B (D Tuning) which produces a more strident tone. The musical entertainer George Formby will long be remembered for playing the banjo ukulele.

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Barnes & Mullins UBJ1 Banjo Ukulele

Barnes & Mullins UBJ1 Banjo Ukulele
  • 12 Brackets
  • Mahogany Resonator & Rim
  • Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Remo Coated Head
In Stock
Great Ukulele Banjo With A Wonderful Tone
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