Content Compact Portable Organs

The Content Compact is a portable series of organs that give the organist an instrument in any situation and is ideal for the student, teacher, choir or continuo player. The sturdy but compact cabinet (with extensive use of solid oak) is simplicity itself to move and enables the instrument to be used in a completely multifunctional way. The Content Compact 224 is a 24 stop portable organ. You can change between four different organ styles (Symphonic / English, Romantic / French, Baroque / German and Classic / Dutch) at the touch of a button. They are lightweight, compact, portable; and can be used in church, chapel, hall, rehearsals, performances or for study. We offer both the 'Intern' model with 2x30w Digital Amplifiers and Speakers Built-in and the 'Extern' model with 4x180w Digital Amplifiers Built-in (but no internal speakers built-in to the cabinet). It is possible to purchase the Extern model with Content's High Quality Home 8 speaker set and it is of cource possible to add extra speakers to both models via the Line out sockets. Furthermore, the organ can be expanded with pedalboard, bench, stand, and volume pedal. To Contact Us – Call 01524 410202 or email [email protected] for more information … Go Back to the Classical Church Organ Department Home Page.

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