Bluthner Model 10 Grands

The Bluthner Model 10 grand pianos are handmade in Leipzig [Germany] and are a part of the Bluthner Classic Edition range of grands. The Model 10 has a length of 166cm (5’5″), width of 152cm (5’0″), and weighs 290kg. It offers a rich bass full of depth and clarity harmoniously paired with a powerful middle range, supporting a warmly singing treble – the Model 10 is the smallest model fitted with the Bluthners ‘Aliquot’ System that features a fourth string in the treble section, which is not struck by the hammers but resonates in harmony to spoil the player with the exceptional richness and comforting warmth of the Golden Tone that has been inspiring composers, pianist and music lovers since 1853. Below are some of the best selling finishes, but we can also order others. We offer access to the full range of Bluthner Grand Pianos as well as Bluthner Upright Pianos. Call Promenade Music on 01524 410202 or email us on [email protected] for more information about pricing, lead times and ordering. Back to All Bluthner Grand Pianos.

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