Bluthner Model 1 Grands

Bluthner ‘Model 1’ grand pianos are handmade in Leipzig [Germany] and part of the Bluthner Classic Edition. Bluthners 280cm (9’2″) ‘Model 1’ masterpiece concert grand is treasured by pianists, orchestras and audiences as one of the finest concert grand pianos made today. It draws its incomparable power and romantic singing tone from the expertise acquired over more than 170 years of piano making the ‘Golden Tone’ in its perfection – for your highest demands. Below are some of the best selling finishes, but we can also order others. Promenade Music predominantly supplies Bluthner pianos in the North of England and has a collaboration with the Bluthner Piano Centre in London. This effectively extends our Morecambe showroom and competitive pricing into the heart of the capital whilst offering potential Bluthner customers in the North, exclusive access to the entire range of Bluthner pianos through private visits to the Bluthner Centre which ensures a bespoke, undisturbed experience where you can explore and play these magnificent pianos at your leisure, guided by expert advice. We are proud to bring this unparalleled musical experience closer to you, reinforcing our commitment to delivering only the best in products, service and prices. For more information – and to arrange your personal visit – please contact us. We offer access to the full range of Bluthner Grands and Bluthner Uprights. Call Promenade Music on 01524 410202 or email us on [email protected] for more information about pricing, lead times and ordering.

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