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Faith & Hope Catalogue

The Faith & Hope website can be found at Faith & Hope’s founders, David Wood (owner of Promenade Music) and Neil Claxton go back a long way.

They have a close friendship and strong working relationship but neither of them ever dreamed that when they started Faith & Hope that they would eventually have a #1, a catalogue of wonderful tracks from great artistes, and lots of music on some of the world’s biggest films and ads. Faith & Hope has formed a pivotal part of the Manchester music scene for many years.

With an ethos of honesty and realism, Faith & Hope’s acts vary massively in style but all fall under the banner of ‘alternative pop’. The acts hover anywhere between electronica and rock, between the individual and band-driven. Determined to release inspirational music without spending a fortune doing it, Faith & Hope were one of the first labels to champion the lo-fi creativity of the burgeoning ‘bedroom musician’ ethic as their starting point.