Content Celeste Organs

The UK specification of the Content Celeste Organ series offers organists … 2 manual (36 stop) and 3 manual (40 stop) options … 7 beautiful solid oak cabinet finishes … open or roll top cabinets styles … radiating concave pedalboards … full music rack and pedalboard illumination … 6 x 30 watt multi-channel digital amplification system through a 14 speaker system offering spatial sound … ‘4 organs in 1’ Invention Technology where you can simply switch between the sound of an English, German Baroque, French Romantic or Classic Dutch organ at the touch of a button … Based in the Netherlands, Content Organs is one of the World’s leading digital organ manufacturers. To Contact Us – Call 01524 410202 or email [email protected] for more information … Go Back to the Classical Church Organ Department Home Page.

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