Bluthner Model A (124cm)

Bluthner ‘Model A’ upright pianos are handmade in Leipzig, Germany. The Model A has a height of 124cm (4’1″), width of 152cm (5’0″), depth of 63cm (2’0″) and a weight of circa 250kg. The Royal College of Music in London added 10 new Bluthner Model A uprights to their fleet in 2020. Commenting, Professor Vanessa Latarche the Head of Keyboard at RCM said: “We’re very grateful to be able to furnish our new practice rooms with instruments of the highest quality”. Below are the best selling finishes but we can also order pianos in cherry, makassar ebony, ziricote, bubinga, and pyramid mahogany finish. We offer access to the full range of Bluthner uprights including the Model A (124cm) . Model B (132cm) . Model C (118cm) . Model D (116cm) . Model S (145.6cm)… as well as Bluthner Grands. Call Promenade Music on 01524 410202 or email us on [email protected] for more information about pricing, lead times and ordering. Back to All Bluthner Uprights.

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