Bluthner Model 11 Grands

The 154cm Bluthner Model 11 baby grand pianos are handmade in Leipzig [Germany] and a part of the Bluthner Classic Edition range of grand pianos. The Model 11 has a length of 154cm (5’1″), width of 152cm (5’0″), and weighs 280kg. It is perfect for pianists where space is a premium (but they don’t want to miss out on concert-like performance). This is Bluthner’s smallest baby grand – and doesn’t have the Aliquot patent 4-string like the rest of Bluthner’s grands – but it is big enough to fill a home, music room, or studio. The Model 11’s secret lies in the design and construction of the soundboard as well as the length of the strings and their tension (a secret that Bluthner has kept in their family). Below are some of the best selling finishes, but we can also order others. We offer access to the full range of Bluthner Grand Pianos as well as Bluthner Upright Pianos. Call Promenade Music on 01524 410202 or email us on [email protected] for more information about pricing, lead times and ordering. Back to All Bluthner Grand Pianos.

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