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As well as a solo instrument, the cello is played in many kinds of ensembles and orchestras. It is tuned CGDA and we sell cellos in 4/4 Size ... 3/4 Size ... 1/2 Size ... 1/4 Size ... 1/8 Size. As a very rough guide to sizes (and it's 'very' rough because every person's built differently), consider a 4/4 for a 13+ / Adult ... 3/4 Size for a 10-12 year old ... 1/2 size for a 8-10 year old ... 1/4 size for 6-8 year old ... 1/8 size for 5-6 year old. Students should ideally be measured for an instrument. To do this, sit the student at the edge of a chair with their knees bent at 90 degrees. The upper edge of the instrument should rest on the sternum in the centre of the chest and the C peg should be slightly behind the left ear. The knees should lightly grip the lower bouts ensuring the corners don't dig into the side of legs with the corners slightly above the inside of the knees. The student should be able to reach both ends of the fingerboard with ease. If you have any questions about cellos, please give us a call on 01524 410202.

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Stentor 1/8 Size Student 1 Cello Outfit with Case & Bow (1102G)

Stentor 1/8 Size Student 1 Cello Outfit with Case & Bow (1102G)
  • Hand Carved from Tonewoods
  • Blackened Rosewood Fittings
  • Alloy Tailpiece
  • Wooden Bow With Ebony Frog
Check Stock - 01524 410202
Complete with soft cover and bow
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