Adams 32″ Universal Fibre Pedal Timpani with Remo Renaissance Head & Tuning Gauge (available without finetuner 2PAUNFI32 or with finetuner 2PAUFFI32)


This universal series timp is available either with or without finetuners.

Since 1970, Adams Musical Instruments have become a global-leader in the professional percussion world. Today, thay are known for their world-class concert percussion instruments – which are 100% made in Holland – and have earned themselves the reputation as the foremost leader in percussion instrument design and manufacturing.

  • Universal Fiberglass Kettle
  • Light With Easy Portability
  • With Tuning Gauge, Mute & Tuning Key
  • Available With or Without Finetuner
  • Three Multi-adjustable, Retractable Legs
  • Comes with Adams Remo Renaissance Heads
  • Toe-release Pedal System
  • [aka European Style Block Pedal System]
  • Clutch Pedal Mechanism
  • Powder Coated Counter-hoops
  • Locking Wheel on Rear Leg
  • 6x Powder-coated Strong Aluminium Struts
  • Height Adjustable
  • Smooth and Stable Pedal Action
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All Adams Universal Fibreglass Timpanis

Adams fibreglass timpanis are a synthetic option – that are lightweight and have an excellent sound – and excellent value for money for bands, education, and travel use. An easy timp to operate, the pedal mechanism can be silently locked into place to pinpoint any note, and the optional fine tuner can be used for further adjustment. Universal Timps feature legs that are adjustable to the player’s height while seated, and easily retract into the kettle for transport. These parabolic fibre kettles were designed to meet the demand for an extremely high quality, yet highly portable instrument, priced well within reach of today’s performing professionals. Their parabolic shaped bowl rests inside an aluminum shelf, greatly contributing to the instrument’s stability, outstanding tonal quality and excellent resonance.

The features on the universal timpani range include: A Clutch Locking Mechanism that is a toe-release-pedal-system [also known as European style block pedal system] the position of the pedal is mechanically locked on the position you want. The design of the clutch mechanism makes pedal action extremely smooth and stable. Unlike the Professional GEN II series ‘Balanced Action Spring Mechanism’, this type of block pedal system allows the fundamental pitch of the timpani head to be easily altered without effecting pedal performance. The design of the clutch mechanism makes pedal action extremely smooth and stable. The timp has an Adjustable & Retractable Supporting Legs which give maximum portability and the multi-adjustable supporting legs retract completely into the bowl, allowing a set of timps to fit in an average car for transport. The rear leg of the tripod features a locking wheel for easy stage positioning. The universal series come pre-loaded with Adams Remo Renaissance Hazy Heads and the aluminum insert ring boast a warm, dark, focused sound with full-range projection and stable pitch.

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