Adams XS2LV35 Soloist Xylophone With Cover & Mallets (Ad2XFS2LRV35)


Complete With Height Adjustable Frame

3.5 Octave, Light Rosewood Note-Bars, Height Adjustable Frame, Range F4-C8

  • 3.5 Octave, 8ve Tuned
  • Light Rosewood Note Bars
  • Range F4-C8
  • Bar Size 38.5mm
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Adams XS2LV35 Xylophone
 Range: 3.5 oct. F4-C8
 Bars: Light rosewood 381/2 mm
 Pitch A: 442 Hz.
 Frame: Apex
 Length: 141 cm
 Low end: 68 cm
 High end: 35 cm
 Height adjustment: 80-100 cm
Adams Solist Xylophones With 3.5 Octaves. The octave tuned instrument has a clear and brilliant sound and is mostly used in European countries. An octave tuned instrument has the first overtone 2 octaves above the fundamental.


ADAMS Percussion are pleased to announce the introduction of the new APEX frame for tuned instruments, replacing the iconic Voyager and Traveler frames.

The result of years of design research, this amazing new frame keeps Adams at the forefront of the presentation and practical design for Xylophones, Marimbas and Vibraphones, along with the great sound Adams have become so well known for.

The main features of the APEX frame are its extreme stability, the improved ease of use, and the modern, yet timeless design.

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