Bergantino Forte Bass Amplifier

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Bergantino Forte Bass Amplifier

Maximum performance in a compact, yet easy to use package.
Flexible & lightweight bass amplifier

Key Points
  • 700 or 350 Watts
  • 4- Band EQ
  • Bright Switch
  • On-board Compressor


Bergantino Forte Bass Amplifier

Maximum performance in a compact, yet easy to use package.

Forté Bass Amplifier
Power to perform

An incredibly flexible and lightweight bass amplifier, The Bergantino Audio Systems Forté delivers maximum performance in a compact, yet easy to use package. Using exactly the same analog preamp and powerful 800w RMS power amp section employed in our ground-breaking B|Amp, Forté provides maximum tone, headroom and immediate command of your bass instrument’s signal, but is offered in a traditional amplifier package for those players who want simple options and control.

The amplifier includes 4-band EQ, a bright switch, variable input gain adjustment, effects send/return, tuner out, dual Speakon sockets, a studio quality DI, auxiliary input and headphone jack for silent practice. The Forté also has our unique on-board Variable Ratio Compressor (VRC), adjustable from a single knob right on the front panel.

• Lightweight, yet powerful Bass Amplifier
• 800W RMS output (@ 2.67/2 Ω), 700W RMS (@ 4Ω), 350W RMS (@ 8Ω)
• 4-Band EQ
• Bright Switch
• On-Board Variable-Ratio Compressor (VRC)
• Auxiliary Input and Headphone jacks - for personal monitor and practice use
• Effects send and return loop
• Dual Speakon Outputs
• Studio-Quality DI - selectable Pre or Post EQ
• Line Output - tuner out

Power On Tap
Many brands often rate their amps without real world verifiable figures. Forté features a custom tuned, yet powerful amplifier module and will provide up to genuine 800W RMS power depending on the speaker load. At 8Ω (for example a single small cab) B|Amp will provide 350W RMS, @ 4Ω this is increased to 700W RMS, while at a 2 or 2.67 Ω load the power output goes to 800W RMS.

Speaker impedance of the connected cabinets can also be matched from the front panel, this allows for optimal power transfer and allows Forté to function safely right down to a 2-Ohm minimum load – that’s low for an amp this size!

Compress Not Depress

The built-in proprietary Bergantino Variable Ratio Compressor (VRC™) was designed to take into consideration the compression needs of today’s bass players and simply take the mystique out of compression to give you a better tone. We know of no other off the shelf compressor available today which can do what the VRC can do and with such ease of use.

With most of the currently available compressors on the market, you have to settle for a fixed compression ratio which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to find the sweet spot between finger style and the more dynamic needs of such playing styles as popping and slapping. Choosing a ratio which evens out the dynamics and thickens the notes for finger style playing will not eliminate or curtail large transients that can be created by slap or pop styles. On the other hand, a compression ratio chosen for countering large dynamic swings will typically squash the dynamics and musicality of regular finger style playing.

With the Forté VRC, the compression ratio will change dynamically, essentially adjusting itself to the style and needs of your playing. Set up properly, it will give the player a nice even, thick finger style tone while attacking those large, over the top transients, without even having to touch a thing on the amp!

EQ and Filter

Forté features a traditional 4-Band EQ with frequencies that have been chosen to compliment the majority of bass styles.

Bass: +/- 10dB @ 63Hz
Lo-Mid: +/- 10dB @ 250Hz
Hi-Mid: +/- 10dB @ 1kHz
Treble: +/- 10dB @ 3.5kHz

The Bright Switch also allows you to tailor the tone even more, enabling additional presence to the sound (+6dB @ 6.5kHz).

Helpful Connectivity Features

Forté features a myriad of connectivity options to suit many situations.

Dual Speakon outputs allow you to hook up multiple cabinets without daisy chaining.

The built-in studio-quality XLR Direct Output is selectable Pre or Post EQ from the front panel. This is ideal for recording in the studio or just for giving the house PA a suitably balanced line signal to work with. In addition, the secondary Line Output gives another option whether you want an additional Pre-amp output or perhaps want to run the amp to an external tuner.

For adventurous and creative musicians, effects can add a lot to your sound. With the B|Amp’s effects send and return loop, you can insert these effects directly after the preamp for more artistic tonal options.

The front-mounted 3.5mm/1/8th” Auxiliary input allows you to hook in your phone, computer or an MP3 player for playing along with recorded music or another line level signal, like synths or drum machines for example.

As the Forté can actually be safely run without a speaker load, the headphone jack provides a useful personal monitoring and practice solution. This makes it perfect for your late-night practice sessions or when you just don’t want to disturb the neighbours!


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